In the Sunshine (向陽之戀)

Nicky Lee (李崇萍)
Tong Li Publishing
Brand new shojo manga Li Chung Ping! The story of a secret agreement between a super idol and a fan!?


Yang Kuang Hsia, head chef of the exclusive restaurant "Sun Showers," was invited to prepare a private dinner for the superstar, Yin Sui Feng. The ensuing meeting between the two brings up mutual memories from the past. As a super fan, Kuang Hsia had tried everything to get close to Yin Sui Feng for her personal "Sperm Doner Project." Now, many years later, what kinds of sparks will emanate from their reencounter?

Role profile

  • Yin Sui Feng

    Yin Sui Feng

    A super star/singer/actor. He is a peculiarly picky eater. Once, during a movie shoot, he hired Yang Kuang Hsia as his personal chef. Gradually, he was attracted to Yang Kuang Hsia's personality and attention to details. They eventually had a one-night stand.

  • Yang Kuang Hsia

    Yang Kuang Hsia

    She is afraid of being alone and wants children. She is a talented chef and by chance, became Yin Sui Feng's personal chef. She was already a fan, and had resolved to find high-quality sperm for a baby. After spending one night with Yin Sui Feng, she became pregnant. She chose to give birth to the baby alone, and is raising him with a friend, Mo Yen.

About the Author

Nicky Lee (李崇萍)

Lee's journey to become a comics artist started from an ad in shojo manga magazine Star Girls. With support from her friends, she submitted some work and ended up as a professional comics artist! She admires Minako Narita and Reiko Shimizu and other shojo manga artists, and her work is often related to fashion and entertainment, including Paradise City and Provence. Her style is polished and sophisticated. Her most famous work, Youth Gone Wild, was one of the earliest Taiwanese comics to explore the world of fashion. Due to her glamorous artistic style, she was invited to represent Taiwan in France's Chambery Comic Festival in 2012 and the Angoulême International Comics Festival in 2013. Her latest work is In The Sunshine.

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