The 1/2 Prince (1/2王子珍藏版)

Comics/Tsai Hung-Chung(蔡鴻忠)
Original story/ YuWo(御我)
Tong Li Publishing
Shortlisted for the 2nd Golden Comics Awards, Best Comic for Young Adults
Adapted from the popular fantasy light novel! Come and witness the legend of the Prince!


Second Life is a highly realistic virtual reality game that resembles the real world up to 99%. After being provoked by her younger brother Feng Yang-Ming, Feng Lan enters the game and defies expectations by becoming a male character, the handsome elfin youth -- Prince. What kind of companions will Prince encounter in the game, and what effect will he have on the game of Second Life?

Role profile

  • Feng Lang

    Feng Lang

    The protagonist. She is an optimistic and fiery young girl. After being provoked by her younger brother, she signs up for the popular game, Second Life. She is going to explore the game as a beautiful elfin prince!

  • Chu


    A professor at Feng Lang's school. He is a bard in the game, and falls in love with Prince at first glance, without ever expecting Prince to be one of his students.

About the Author

Comics/Tsai Hung-Chung(蔡鴻忠)
Original story/ YuWo(御我)

He has done comics for over 30 years, and has 8 representative works. His earlier work such as Fierce Kid, The Thunderbolt Sword, Hero, Kiki the Witch explore genres like action, wuxia, and comedy, in full on shonen manga style. In his later work like The 1/2 Prince, Contract with the Doll, and My Life as the New Demon King, Tsai's artistic style becomes more detailed and delicate, and as a result he gained a fair amount of female fans. This important turning point has had a huge impact on his career.

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