The Hedgehog: I've Walked Through the Love's Wilderness (刺蝟:走過愛的蠻荒)

Comics/ GGDOG Original story/ WEN KUO-SHIH(文國士)
Kids labeled as troublemakers are often just children overburdened with trouble.
How can our social support network system stop the freefall of kids from disadvantaged families, or those who've simply made an unfortunate false step?


These prickly hedgehog-like children have been forgotten by society. Should we allow their past to obscure all present efforts to change for the better?

Most kids in the group home were referred here by the court or the social welfare system. They come with shattered hearts, the product of dysfunctional adults... Pin, a quiet yet sensitive teenager, is about to graduate from the Foster House. Although he is unsure about his future, he still looks forward to the unfolding of a new life.

When a rabbit keychain disappears from the Foster House, Pin is a suspect. Due to his past record, that negative label -- thief -- sticks on Pin stubbornly, erasing all the efforts he's made to change himself. What should Pin do in the face of hostility from his class and allegations from his classmates? How can our social support network system stop the freefall of kids from disadvantaged families, or those who've simply made an unfortunate false step?

Adapted from renowned author Wen Kou Shih's Traipsing Through Love's Wilderness, this is a fresh retelling of the stories of foster care youths. Based on interviews and observations made in Taiwan's foster care institutions, this haunting work is created by GGDOG, an indie comics artist in residence in Angouleme, France.

Role profile

  • Yang Wen Pin (Pin)

    Yang Wen Pin (Pin)

    A soon-to-graduate teenager who feels unsure about his future. He appears cold and aloof but is actually an honest, simple kid. He likes to listen to the radio and write letters.

  • Pao


    A teenager with self-harm scars on his wrist. He cherishes the rabbit keychain that his mother gave to him.

  • Wen Kou Shih (Kuo Kuo)

    Wen Kou Shih (Kuo Kuo)

    The lead teacher in the Home. He likes to take Pin on car rides. He takes good care of the students in the Home.

  • Chao


    One of the teachers in the Home. He often takes turns looking after the students. He is still learning how to teach students.

About the Author

Comics/ GGDOG Original story/ WEN KUO-SHIH(文國士)

Comics/ GGDOG
A dog who loves to draw. Currently living in Taipei, she is a creator of comics and illustrations. Her artistic style is deeply influenced by comics.
Her work can be seen in many idependent publications and comics collections, including Island Rhapsody: Hear Taiwan Sing, published by Gaia. She is now in residence in Angouleme, France, and using comics to record her experience in residence.

Original story/ Wen Kou Shih

Founder of Change Formula.
Counseller at Chen Chou Youth Accommodation House. Alumnus of the Teach For Taiwan program.
Holds degrees in English, counselling, and criminology.
From growing up in a family with two schizophrenic parents, to participating in the 2nd Teach For Taiwan program, then to supporting foster youths in institutions, Wen reaches the conclusion that "It takes luck for kids to grow up well, and it takes social support for grown ups to help kids grow up well."

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