Moonlight Calling (月亮的名字)

July (狼七)
Gaea Books
Names are how we recognize things in this world, and the proof of existence. Through a journey across the Japanese colonial period to the present, artifacts which have lost their names are restored to their rightful positions in art history.


Through woodcraft, the indigenous peoples of this island made memories of their lives. The wood carvings, remnants of their creations, contained fragments of their days. And yet, their names have long been forgotten... /A young museum staff sensed a mysterious force emanating from a piece of woodwork, as if hearing the sound of an ancient calling and seeing a vision of moonlight in the mountains. She thus begins a journey to help this nameless work retrieve its name. /This story follows a girl with a peculiar connection to woodwork art and a talented indigenous woodcrafter trapped by stereotypes about his people. Due to an unfulfilled promise from the Japanese period, they meet, and together uncover the identity of the forgotten creator of a nameless piece of woodwork..... /A collaboration between July, winner of Golden Comic Awards Comic of the Year, and the National Museum of Prehistory. With the pen as her knife, she carves out the importance of indigenous art within Taiwanese art history.

Role profile

  • Liang Dai

    Liang Dai

    Also known as Dai. With a background in art history, the fresh graduate currently works as a researcher in a museum. She has a strong sense of justice and is sensitive to the arts. She can sometimes be a little arrogant at work.

  • Liu Hsin-Feng

    Liu Hsin-Feng

    Also known as Feng. He is a talented yet cynical indigenous woodcrafter. To avoid social labels, he uses the alias "P" to hide his identity.

About the Author

July (狼七)

A freelance creator who looks for all kinds of tacit, grey areas in the world. She hopes to reinterpret local everyday experiences with the languague of comics, and to open up many possibilities. In 2022, she won the 13th Golden Comic Awards Comic of the Year with The Free China Junk .

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