Wind Chaser Under the Azure Sky (青空下的追風少年)

Jason Chien(簡嘉誠)
Gaea Books
Winner of The 17th Japan International MANGA Award Gold Prize in 2023
The story of two young men who race trains to find their light amongst the darkness of World War II.


In the later stages of World War II, military aircrafts covered Taiwan's sky, explosions could be heard everywhere, and the air was filled with the smell of smoke...... /In this unsettling situation, two hot-blooded youths meet in competitive running: Miyahara Ryo, a railway enthusist, shares his passion for trains with Yin Li-Sen. Inspired by the high speed running trains, the two became enraptured with leaving their names in the annals of Japanese sports history. They share innocent times in competition on the field. But in the face of the great war, can their dreams come true? /Counselled by railway expert Su Chao-Hsu and the National Archives Administration, and based on careful research in the historical archives of Taiwan's railways, GCA winner Jason Chien tells a coming-of-age story of two young men between trains and sports, taking readers on a journey into the past. /After the war, Taipei had a long way to full recovery. The story of the railway, as well as the city's memories, can only be told through the dail toil of the regular people.

Role profile

  • Yin Li-Sen

    Yin Li-Sen

    A Taiwanese student who aspires to leave a mark on Japanese sports history. He has a competitive relationship with his friend

  • Miyahara Ryo

    Miyahara Ryo

    A Japanese student who loves running. Influenced by his father, an employee at the Railway Department, he is passionate about trains. His dream is also to make his name in Japanese sports history.

About the Author

Jason Chien(簡嘉誠)

Curently a freelance creator, he has worked as comics writer, commercial storyboard artist, animation storyboard artist, and illustrator for content related to trains, finance, and World War II. He has published many original comics and has collaborated with goverment agencies such as the Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute and the National Archives Administration.
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