The Agnostic Detective (不可知論偵探)

Comic / Parrot
Story writer / Xerses
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Introducing Hai Lin-Tzu – a young Taoist priest who can see the world beyond, but does not write talismans and refuses to believe in the supernatural. Follow these stories as he solves human conflicts, paranormal problems, and mystery crimes!


Adapted from the short story Coral Bones from a Taiwanese bestselling novel, Chopsticks: Mysterious Tales, the rights of which have been sold to many countries around the world. With Taipei International Book Exhibition nominee
Xerses as a story writer, in partnership with up-and-coming comic artist Ying Wu Jo, this series combines Taiwanese folklore and fantasy to portray how Hai Lin-Tzu, a greedy and sarcastic video-gamer/Taoist priest/detective/clairvoyant solves all kinds of bizarre cases!

One after the other, a dead body in an unholy temple and a drowned corpse in a lake are discovered in a public park. Rumors circulate that it is because of water ghosts looking for human sacrifice, but, when asked by the police to participate in their investigation, a young Taoist priest with a keen eye for human and non-human mysteries seems to identify some other underlying "truth"...

This is a story not just about society and detective work, but also humanity. The first case in the series involves social issues, while the second case concerns the story of Honganji, dealing with themes including teenage relationships, Taiwanese history, and the Taiwan-Japan relationship. The story is vastly entertaining, including detective mysteries, spiritual exorcism, and complicated human relationships. It also involves an antagonist detective, leading to a more exciting reading experience.

Role profile

  • Hai Lin-Tzu

    Hai Lin-Tzu

    His motto is “If something seems incredible, there have to be things yet unseen.” As a professional Taoist priest who has the ability to see the world beyond, but does not write talismans and refuses to believe in the supernatural, he plays video games and Tamagotchi all day, contributing nothing to society except when on exorcism missions. He is a greedy and sarcastic young man who secretly has a warm heart and a soft spot for children.

  • Wu Shuang

    Wu Shuang

    A police officer who acts as Hai Lin-Tzu's assistant. He often brings bizarre cases to Hai Lin-Tzu. He is simple and optimistic by nature and gets picked on easily. He is not a clairvoyant but just an ordinary person trying to live his life.

About the Author

Comic / Parrot
Story writer / Xerses

Comic artist Parrot
Her style is clean, precise and delicate, creating an incredibly tranquil sense of story. The Agnostic Detective is her first commercial work. She is skilled at studying stories to visually manifest the plot, structure the narrative, and give life to characters. An emerging artist to keep an eye on.

Story writer Xerses
His stories range from detective, action, to sci-fi, often combining elements from various genres to create a unique style. He is adept at depicting the subtleties and madness of human nature, leading to a tempestuous reading experience.

© 不可知論偵探/作畫:鸚鵡洲 & 編劇:薛西斯/獨步文化