Dinnertime at Meowoopark (開飯囉!喵嗚公園)

Little J
Have you ever seen these cats? They are the kitties living in Meowoopark, and they are super cute. If you don't know about them, I will tell you their stories in the following illustrations.


"All I did was feed a stray cat in a park. How did I somehow turn into a cataholic?"

One day, Number 6 and Little J were fighting and not speaking to each other. Yet they both forgot about the fight when they met a doe-eyed orange cat called "Du-Du" in the park. Du-Du looked so innocent and adorable that Number 6 and Little J immediately rushed to a store for cat food and water. When they laid out the food, Du-Du invited his friends to enjoy it together. The couple was surprised and charmed by all the cute kitties and fell straight in love. They began coming to the park regularly to feed the cats and gradually gained the trust of all 9 cats living in the park, including Du-Du, Blackie, and Bai-Hua. They also became friendly with other humans who had been taking care of the park kitties. Come rain or shine, they vowed to protect this Meowoopark together.

One day, however, the peace and harmony were interrupted by an emergency incident. Bai-Hua, who always appears instantly when she hears the sound of cans clinking, went missing for days on end. Number 6 finally finds her lying feebly in a corner of the park, with her mouth bleeding. Will Bai-Hua survive this crisis? How will this affect the kitties in Meowoopark?

Role profile

  • Number 6

    Number 6

    He is responsible for illustrations, carrying cat food, and any other hard labor.

  • Little J

    Little J

    She is responsible for petting cat heads, patting cat butts, and opening canned food.

About the Author

Little J

Number 6 loves art, photography, and basketball. He has always been fond of animals and believes every animal is beautiful in its own way.

Little J finds animals adorable but has never had a pet, so she's always been a little afraid of them. Ever since she fell in love with cats, she's been head over heels for these fluffy creatures.

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