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“God's Heart” is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Autistic teenager Le Le discovers that, in the virtual world, no one sees him differently and he can also observe and understand other players…


“God's Heart” is a popular MOBA game. Every tournament offers a generous prize, and the high salary has also attracted many players, and become the target of many professional players.

Le Le is an autistic teenager, having problems socializing with others. Hehas been discriminated and bullied. However, since he started playing “God's Heart,” he discovers that in the game world, no one sees him differently, and he can also understand other players through observation…

Role profile

  • Lei Yu-Le

    Lei Yu-Le

    An autistic teenager, who has had trouble socializing since an early age. A bluntly honest person, Lei Yu-le finds the world full of logic he does not understand. After he starts playing the game, he discovers that everything in the game world exists for a reason and has its own context, and since then, he seeks escape in the game whenever he can.

  • Elina Chin-Yulasova

    Elina Chin-Yulasova

    Half Taiwanese and half Russian, Elina was once a professional player, who is fiercely competitive, often cursing teammates or opponents. With her competitive nature and obsession with revenge, she plans to form a new team, and has forgotten the joy the game once brought her.

  • Yen Fang-chen

    Yen Fang-chen

    A typical good and gifted student. Gets good grades and is very athletic. He is also the president of the student council. His family has high standards and hopes for him, but he secretly loves video games. He tries all he can to play video games without anyone else finding out. He is envious of Le Le, as he can freely do things he is forbidden to do.

  • Mai Fan-Shih

    Mai Fan-Shih

    An otaku who loves anime and video games, and all kinds of 2D girls. To him, in-game purchases are a normal thing to do. He is known as “Chuan Po Hsia (Everyone-Is-My-Wife Man)” and he fell in love with “Bubble,” a character in “God's Heart,” when he came across the promotion video; despite having no experience in playing this kind of games, he becomes hooked and vows to take “Bubble” to the grand stage of the Major League, and win the championship. He requests the game producer to make his very own “Bubble” skin.

About the Author


Babustudio is a couple who started working together since their days in university.

In 2005, Babustudio debuted after winning the Tong Li New Artist Award with “Betel Nut Squad.” In 2006, they began serializing “Betel Nut Squad,” “Blood Black Dog,” SINNERS,” and “Off Meta.” In 2011, they were nominated for GCA Best Comic for Young Adults; in 2016, their work “SINNERS” was launched online in Japan on “Shonen Jump +”.

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