ZAHN (ZAHN 薩恩的宇宙日常)

This is not just a story about a particular galactic refugee in the galaxy far, far away. In fact, you, Earthling, may have had similar, “everyday” experiences.


As an "Alphet", a people notorious for making trouble, Zahn has never felt accepted by other ethnic groups. He had no choice but to live a nomadic life with his little sister, finding shelter on a deserted moon and relying only on supplies given by his guardian Crude.

With the help of Crude, Zahn and his sister were finally approved to enter the planet Codyvak. Though the journey was not easy, Zahn tried his best to adjust and successfully found a job. Despite difficulties, through rather unorthodox means, he was finally accepted by his colleagues and settled into his new life.

His next goal was to enroll his little sister in school. Only after managing to get her documents approved did Zahn find out that a parent interview with the admissions office was required…?! During the interview, a surprise accident occurred – though Zahn helped resolve the problem by using his "special body," the incident also brought a lot of unwanted attention. This time, will he be able to successfully make the people at the school accept him…?

Role profile

  • Laiyilai


    Age: 12 Ethnicity: Unknown Zahn's little sister. Petite, quick-witted, and clever, she has the special power of precognition, different from Zahn's physical transformation ability.

  • Zahn


    Age: 17 Ethnicity: Alphet He is always in a custom-made orange hoodie that changes its size along with his physical transformations. He owns several spare hoodies for emergencies.

About the Author


I am a Taiwanese illustrator, comic artist, and full-time freelancer. I may be more skilled at playing on swings than illustrations.

My avatar is a yellow creature with two hairs, and when readers see me in person, they often say something like, “You look different from what I imagined” – What did they expect, to meet an unidentified mysterious creature in real life? Seriously though, if anyone is interested in close encounters of the third kind, they should visit Yushan National Park.

Author of ZAHN.

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