God's Convenience Store (神明便利商店)

Hsieh Tung Lin
Mirror Fiction
A god-in-training becomes the manager of a convenience store where you can drink Daoist incantation water!


Shen Yüan-chün is a direct disciple of the goddess Mazu, he first has to learn how to serve sentient beings before being ranked among the immortals. Following the instructions of Mazu, he opens a convenience store in the mortal world, and his goal is to accumulate 100,000 followers. The first "God's Convenience Store" in the human world not only leads to many hilarious moments but also becomes the place for gods to have a water cooler chat.

The joyful bustle of running a convenience store is made more dramatic by the gods from each world who come to play out their power struggles, and also by the troublemaker that lives inside Shen Yüan-chün. Shen Yüan-chün has two souls. Whenever the inner Shen Yüan-chün encounters spiritual filth, he will come out to suck it up. But if he consumes too much of the spiritual filth, then both of his souls will become demons.

One day, a regular customer in Shen Yüan-chün's store, who does not believe in ghosts and gods, was suddenly awakened after accidentally taking the Daoist pill that Shen Yüan-chün left in the microwave. It turns out that every time there is a doomsday, the old Jade Emperor will pass on his memories, divine power and experience to the new Jade Emperor. Then, all the bodies and spirits of all the gods will dissolve, so the new gods have to cultivate themselves again in the newly formed civilization. The regular customer who ate the Daoist pill was Chou Yüan-chün, the Jade Emperor from the last civilization.

Chou Yüan-chün discovers that Shen Yüan-chün is the key to saving this iteration of civilization and all of mankind. Shen Yüan-chün was born from the confluence of heaven and the essence of earth, and possesses the qualities of a god and a demon. If he can be alchemized into a Daoist pill, he can save mankind from doomsday. After learning about this, Shen Yüan-chün struggles for a while before making his decision.

Role profile

  • Shen Yüan-chün

    Shen Yüan-chün

    He seems optimistic, but because he was born from the confluence of heaven and the essence of earth and human spiritual filth, whenever Shen Yüan-chün encounters a dark and violent situation, the version of himself that lives inside his body will come out to suck up the spiritual filth. When human beings have their spiritual filth sucked from their bodies they will return to goodness, but Shen Yüan-chün will become a demon if he sucks up too much of it, that's why he must cultivate his godly spirituality.

  • God of Wealth

    God of Wealth

    He can help people to get rich, but he doesn't know how to manage money. In order to make a living, he does shifts at the convenience store.

  • God of Culture and Literature

    God of Culture and Literature

    He enjoys playing tricks on his friend the God of Wealth, and often goes to the convenience store to join in the fun.

  • God of Love and Marriage

    God of Love and Marriage

    She has job burnout, so she goes to the convenience store to be lazy and do nothing. She wants Shen Yüan-chün to help and match up 100 couples.

  • God of the Land

    God of the Land

    He comes to the convenience store to buy things, but then starts to compete with the God of Wealth to see who can serve humans better.

  • Mazu


    Shen Yüan-chün's master, she once covered for Shen Yüan-chün at the convenience store when he ran away.

  • Tiger God

    Tiger God

    He was invited to the convenience store by the God of the Land to use his cuteness to drum up business.

About the Author

Hsieh Tung Lin

A comic book artist who came from writing advertising copy, he has published many novels and comics, and he has signed deals to have his work serialized on LINE WEBTOON and Mirror Fiction.

His published comics include Confidential, I Work for a Scammer and Attention! Magical Girls, the latter two were both selected as recommended books for the Taiwan Pavilion of the 2020 French Angoulême International Comics Festival. 

In addition to creating comics, he has also been invited by LINE WEBTOON and Taiwan Comic Base to teach screenwriting.

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