How to be a Mind Reaver (成為奪心魔之必要)

Story writer / Edd Lai
Comic / N.T.
Future-Digi Ltd.
2021 Webtoon Canvas Awards – category of Outstanding Comedy Series Nominated
2022 Best IP Awards – Comic Group TOP 3
2022 BAHAMUT ACG AWARD – Nominated
2022 Webtoon Canvas Awards – category of Outstanding Comedy Series Nominated
The heartwarming and funny parenting story filled with black magic between the mysterious wizard, Cthu, and his pupil, Luna.


Cthu, known as a “Mind Reaver”, lives alone in a dungeon near a dark forest. He is knowledgeable, adept at Mind control, and has many strong tentacles. He is very annoyed at the humans that are always breaking into his dungeon. One day, Cthu meets a little girl, Luna, who seems to be abandoned in the dungeon. And that's how their story begins.

Role profile

  • CTHU (Male, Age unknown, Wizard)

    CTHU (Male, Age unknown, Wizard)

    A wizard full of mystery. People are scared of him and call him “Mind Reaver” for his mastery in “Mind Control”. Cthu helps people with his knowledge once in a while, however, his lack of ability of reading faces often causes misunderstandings.

  • LUNA (10, Girl of chaos)

    LUNA (10, Girl of chaos)

    Luna, who never gives up and is full of curiosity, had been bullied and abused by villagers for being gifted in magic since she was little. Fortunately, she was saved and adopted by Cthu. Although she doesn't admit it verbally, she already sees Cthu as her father.

  • LITTLE TROLL (Male, Age unknown, Troll)

    LITTLE TROLL (Male, Age unknown, Troll)

    Little troll, heavy and bulky, loves desserts, singing and painting. He's not the smartest but definitely the tenderest and the simplest fun to be around. Although he's timid, he's always being brave for people around him when needed.

About the Author

Story writer / Edd Lai
Comic / N.T.

Edd Lai is a scriptwriter, who has published several novels and three long-running comic series in a Korean company. He is good at short and long stories with movies and animated series in all sorts of genres, including comedy, black humor, horror, and drama.


Professional illustrator and comic artist, who has teamed up with Edd Lai and illustrated for “How to be A Mind Reaver” since 2019. After Lai creates, writes, and does storyboards, N.T. transforms all the ideas into full-color comic strips.

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