Basketball Fighting Dogs (籃球鬥犬)

Zhang Yueyin
Future-Digi Ltd.
Mocked as failures, or “drowning puppies,” groups of Taiwanese high school basketball players join together, challenging themselves to become great players!


Taiwanese high school basketball enters its golden era as Tu-ba Wang and Kuang-Hsu Kao, two superstars under the spotlight, emerge from junior high basketball.

At the same time, two inconspicuous and idiosyncratic players also make their appearance. Small in size, Lai-feng Jen is a forward who is fierce and defiant despite losing every single game in the junior high league. Remarkably tall, Yun Liu is a point guard who's both talented and disciplined, yet still stuck as a substitute player. The two first meet at a game in the junior high league, and cannot seem to stop running into each other.

During a national broadcast, Lai-feng Jen publicly challenges Tu-ba Wang to a game in the high school basketball league (HBL). Yun Liu retrieves his competitive spirit, refusing Kuang-hsiu Kao's invitation to join his team and becoming his rival instead. After graduation, Jen and Liu receive invitations from Elena, the "basketball queen," to join the team at Huo-Shui High, which seeks to return to its past glory in the HBL. They befriend other freshmen players, each with unique personalities.

Together, the problem students of the Huo-Shui High basketball team form a fighting dog legion that others mockingly call "drowning puppies." They resolve to win the once-in-a-lifetime Taiwanese High School Basketball League Championship, defeat superstar players, and become great players!

Role profile

  • Lai-feng Jen

    Lai-feng Jen

    Once the ace player of the Fen-Chi Junior High basketball team, now a freshman on the Huo-Shui High basketball team. A forward, he is full of energy. He's short but jumps amazingly high. He's quiet and straightforward, and a great booster for the team with his fierce spirit and vital perseverance. His trademark play is the legendary NBA move “Skyhook.”

  • Yun Liu

    Yun Liu

    Once a substitute point guard for Yang-Ming Junior High, a school famous for basketball, now a freshman on the Huo-Shui High basketball team. He is tall and thin and passes balls like a magician. He considers himself a genius who is able to lead his team to the championship but is defeated by star player Kuang-hsiu Kao and demoted to substitute. After playing with Lai-feng Jen, he retrieves his competitive spirit.

About the Author

Zhang Yueyin

Yueh-yin Chang, pen name Yueh-yin.

M.A. from the Department of Visual Design, National Kaohsiung Normal University. Part-time instructor in the Department of Visual Design and faculty mentor of the Comics Club at National Kaohsiung Normal University

2013-2018: Lucky & Unlucky Teen in Dragon Teen Magazine by Tong Li Publishing (serialized, 9 volumes)

2020: Basketball Fighting Dogs published by Future-Digi (1 volume, in progress)

Since September 2022: The comics version of Carefree and Banished Witch and the Goddess From a Familiar Forest ~I am the weakest witch in the capital, but I am omnipotent back in the countryside~ in the digital magazine Wherever YOUNG CHAMPION published by Akita Shoten (serialized)

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