Family Portrait (家族的肖像)

This comic is about a sibling trio who loves ACG (animation, comics, and games) culture. The eldest brother is a die-hard otaku; the elder sister is an enthusiastic Boys Love fangirl, and the little sister is a lolita-dressing talented gamer. This comic presents the siblings' daily life, which is a smorgasbord of absurdity, creativity, and mind-blowing imagination.


This comic series started in May 2001 and was serialized on Frontier in the form of one independent 4-page story per month. Currently, there are 5 separate volumes.

To suit the style of Frontier, this comic is very short. The stories take recent popular Japanese animation, special effects movies, games, and even films or animation, and online memes as themes. It shows the fun and wildlife of an otaku elder brother, a Boys Love fangirl elder sister, a lolita-gamer little sister, their pet cat Catherine and their friends.

There are only four pages per month, but because this comic has been running for a long time, a lot of content has already been built up. At present, there are 5 complete collections. In the published volumes, there are four additional color pages and bonus contents that were not originally serialized, along with the author's postscript.

For readers who enjoy Japanese animation and manga, they will resonate with this work and discover some hilarious moments.

Role profile

  • Big brother

    Big brother

    A well-meaning young otaku who loves catgirls and Lolita girls. He is also the president of the animation club. He is often bullied by his younger sister. He hopes that one day Google and Apple will develop French maid AI robots. But before that day comes, he thinks it's more realistic to buy a VR headset…

  • Sister


    A young fangirl of boys' love novels, comics, and idol dramas. She is violent and often sandbags her brother, but she is also very naïve and often deceived by him. She occasionally cosplays at self-publishing conventions.

  • Little sister

    Little sister

    A little Lolita gamer whose special nature attracts mysterious spirits and animals. She likes horror comics and violent shooting video games that show blood.

About the Author


Mid-life crisis! Right, the thing that everyone has to face!

Teeth are becoming loose, back is painful, shoulders are sore, no money or banter, just a third-rate comic artist facing a mid-life crisis alone in the tough world. His name is hell okitty, a fat house cat from hell.

One side of his character eats “burger patties” made with discount-priced ground meat sold from a hypermarket and excessive bread crumbs while drinking Coke Zero. The other side of his character witnesses vigorous online debates about the various sects of cuteness while calculating the correct moment when aliens will descend on Earth.

Ah, and what about that mid-life crisis mentioned above? Forget about that, according to the current mainstream light novels, people usually become an adventurer through reincarnation after death.

Therefore, middle age is a period when people should start preparing for cheating on reincarnation, instead of wasting their life waiting for retirement and a blissful death! Cheer up everyone!

But before I can have my reincarnation, I hope when I get old, I will have a cute catgirl French maid robot to be my caretaker!

© 家族的肖像/Okitty/開拓動漫