Rules of the Underworld (陰間條例)

Winner of the 2021 TIACCA Best Potential Adaptation Award
Shortlisted for Best Multimedia Execution 11th Golden Comic Award
Participant of the 2021 and 2022 TIACCA Creation and Content Conventions
Generals 7 and 8 are agents of hell, notorious for their key roles in the underworld. This is a primer to their daily operations and includes darkly humorous stories of underworld folklore.


Above ground is our world; below ground, is the underworld. In modern-day Taiwan, incense smoke and wifi signals co-exist. The people's faith varies – sometimes looking to digital idols, while other times, praying to unnamed gods. Among the supernatural beings, the agents of hell are the most feared. They appear only at the moment of death to guide the dead to the afterlife.

Generals 7 and 8 were once mortals named Wu-she Fan and Pi-an Hsieh. In life, they stuck together always, and in death, they remained inseparable. When their souls were snared at the same time by the king of the underworld, they took on the eternal responsibility of leading others to the afterlife. One time, during a pilgrimage procession, an unexpected event occurred, disrupting the order of the underworld. At the same time, it reminded the two generals of an unfulfilled wish from 100 years ago.

So-called agents of hell do not treat mortal lives with nonchalance. When the innocent die and the gods keep silent, who will step up with disregard for their own safety, to see through the justice of the heavens? On the island of Taiwan, the dead lie bewildered, the agents of hell work enthusiastically, while Evil toys with mortal lives. In this pandemonium of faiths, what is left to believe in?

Role profile

  • General 7

    General 7

    He is a sadist, responsible for guiding dead souls to hell. He has a mean and sarcastic mouth and loves toying with mortals. In life, he was called Pi-an Hsieh. Based on the traditional Taiwanese folk religion figure “Chi-Yeh-Pa-Yeh,” aka General Hsieh & Fan.

  • General 8

    General 8

    He is General 7's partner. In life, he was called Wu-she Fan. Based on the traditional Taiwanese folk religion figure “Chi-Yeh-Pa-Yeh,” aka General Hsieh & Fan.

  • Chief Cheng-huang

    Chief Cheng-huang

    A seasoned, sophisticated female chief of the underworld.

About the Author


Salah-D, an excellent artist, currently resides in Japan. He is a winner of the Best Plot Award from the Government Information Office of Taiwan, and the author of Rules of the Underworld, Magic Charger Horse, etc.

His key visual designs for the Taichung Comic & Animation Power Convention in 2012 and 2015 were well received. He was invited to create the comic version of the anime film Mida (Wen-Lan technology). He is also the winner of the Excellent Prize and Special Committee Prize at the 14th Shinchosha Manga Awards.

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