Find My Way (走在陣的路上)

Selected for the TAICCA 2022 “Book to Screen” Awards List
Selected for the TAICCA 2022 Creative Content Fest “Content Trading Market Exhibition”
Selected for the TAICCA 2021 Creative Content Fest “Content Trading Market Exhibition”
The typically masculine-looking member of a Zhentou Troupe who is a granny's boy teams up with the soul of a brave policeman who died in the line of duty to track down a criminal.


This comic is inspired by the traditional Taiwanese culture of "Zhentou." In Taiwan, when one of the gods goes on "patrol," they will be led by a Zhentou Troupe, which has members that dance at the front as a way of protecting the god. These people, who are the bodyguards of the god on patrol, often have their faces painted. This comic describes how two completely unconnected people work together to crack the case under the guidance of the gods.

After the hot-blooded criminal investigator, Tsou Po-an is murdered while working on a case, his soul possesses Chang Yung's girlfriend Li Cheng-i. Chang Yung serves the gods as a member of the Zhentou Troupe that leads the god's patrol. This is why Chang Yung has supernatural powers and can see Tsou Po-an after he possesses his girlfriend's body. Tsou Po-an possesses Li Cheng-i's body because of his strong desire to retrieve the evidence he collected before his death. Chang Yung is left with no choice but to work with him to ensure his girlfriend's safety.

Both of them feel helpless because of the situation they are in. Tsou Po-an is terrified by his sudden death and that his regrets will follow him to the afterlife. Chang Yung can't go far away from his home to fulfill his dreams because he cares for his elderly grandmother. On top of that, he then has to deal with his girlfriend's body becoming possessed by someone else.

At the start, they are a reluctant duo, but they gradually come to understand and sympathize with each other. Chang Yung's safety is jeopardized as he gets more involved in the investigation. Chang Yung and Tsou Po-an bravely work together to expose collusion between the police and gangsters. The truth about the murder will finally come to light!

The two of them believe that they have great strength, "God will only send the right person to your side when you are confused, and they will give you the gentle push you need." While seeking the guidance of the gods, Chang Yung learns that the gods will not help you decide: you must make your path. Tsou Po-an also calmly embarks on his journey to the afterlife.

Role profile

  • Chang Yung

    Chang Yung

    23 Years old, he and Li Cheng-i are childhood sweethearts. He serves the gods as the leader of a Zhentou Troupe. He is a very intelligent university graduate, who has been listlessly wandering through life since then.

  • Tsou Po-an

    Tsou Po-an

    25 Years old, a criminal investigator with a very aggressive personality. He is a lone wolf who has the habit of taking lots of notes. He is murdered while trying to solve a case, and then unintentionally possesses Chang Yung's girlfriend.

  • Li Cheng-i

    Li Cheng-i

    24 Years old, an actor in a theatrical troupe. She and Chang Yung are childhood sweethearts. But she holds some doubts about this relationship, so she makes a vow to god to pray for blessings. For some unknown reason, she has become possessed by Tsou Po-an.

  • A-jun


    Chang Yung's childhood friend, he is the son of the Zhentou Troupe coach. He is an errand boy for a gang leader, and was used as bait to lure Tsou Po-an and then as a scapegoat.

  • Tofu Pudding Granny

    Tofu Pudding Granny

    Chang Yung's grandma raised him since he was little. She is an optimistic and cheerful granny who loves to worship, believes in the gods, and always follows fate.

About the Author


She has been using comics to tell stories for more than 20 years, exploring all kinds of new possibilities.

She has published more than 20 different comics aimed at young women, but for a long time, she has been interested in using local culture, life and death, boys' love, and transgender as themes for her stories. Because of the various types of stories, recently she started using pen names to differentiate between them, including Jelly Wei, KUANG-HSIA Chia, and HUANG Chia-Li.

Her work has received prestigious awards from the Government Information Office, Executive Yuan, National Academy for Educational Research Excellence, Golden Comic Awards, National Institute for Compilation and Translation, and the New Taipei City Government. In 2012 and 2019 her works were selected for the Taiwan Pavilion at the Angoulême International Comics Festival.

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