The Crazy Mom (瘋狂母親)

Qiu Kuiya (CHIU-KUEI YA)
Creative Comic Collection
The same year same-sex marriage is legalized, I am forced to throw my mom a fake funeral – all to… stop my little brother from marrying his boyfriend!?


The story centers on members of the Chen family: Yu-hong, who became a best-selling author after he was kicked out of home for being gay; Mrs. Chen, who wants to stop her son from marrying a man so badly that she wishes it on her pretend "deathbed"; Mr. Chen, who works all day and pays no attention to his family; and Yu-Jie, who secretly got divorced without telling her family.

During the week-long wake after Mrs. Chen's faked death, a series of hilarious events take place, giving her an opportunity to get to know her son better. While out searching for late-night snacks, Mrs. Chen was caught by her son; Yu-jie's ex-husband comes over and during the chaos, someone gets into the coffin instead of Mrs. Chen. On the 7th day, hoping to stop Yu-hong from getting married, Mrs. Chen pretends to be a ghost, but Yu-hong gets drunk and throws up on her…

After the wake, Yu-hong and his boyfriend travel to the end of the island to fulfill his mom's dream trip from when she was still "alive." There, they are seen by a local Youtuber and caught on tape being intimate. Everyone finds out about Yu-hong's sexuality and his mom's fake death, leading to a big media scandal. To help her son, Mrs. Chen begins a live stream to answer questions from netizens…

"Should I choose to be a good son but live unhappily, or be a bad son but live happily? I don't want to resent my mom all my life…"

Can the family ever reach an understanding? Can Yu-jie and Yu-hong end their misery and find happiness? A crazy, absurd family dramedy!

Role profile

  • Chen-Yu-jie(age 32)

    Chen-Yu-jie(age 32)

    Mortician. Loyal and protective of her family. Often focuses on others' expectations at the expense of her own feelings. Married mama's boy Ji-Wei to make her mom happy.

  • Chen-Yu-hong (age 27)

    Chen-Yu-hong (age 27)

    Yu-jie's little brother. Hot-tempered, impulsive, but loyal to friends. Ran away from home as a teenager after his mom saw him kissing his boyfriend. Now, he is a famous author planning a wedding with his boyfriend Yu-chen.

  • Zhuang Shiao-fan (age 57)

    Zhuang Shiao-fan (age 57)

    A bossy, traditional mother. Stubborn and impulsive. Fought for Yu-hong's dream to become a writer with her husband, but found it hard to accept her son's sexuality, causing him to leave home. Faked her own death after same-sex marriage was legalized in hopes of keeping Yu-hong from marrying his boyfriend.

About the Author

Qiu Kuiya (CHIU-KUEI YA)

An up-and-coming comics writer. Winner of the third Sharp Point Publishing Best New Comics Writer Award. Has published several short stories on “ComicStar.” My Crazy Mom is her first serialized comics.
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