The Mountain Seeker (尋山人)

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This is the personal growth story of a hipster who goes into the mountains to become a forest ranger with a craftsman mindset!


Chi Sung-ting, a hipster who has trouble keeping a job, finds a new position this time that surprises everyone. Leaving the crowded city, he devotes himself to a job that takes him into the lush, green, full-of-life mountains and forests of Taiwan— he became a forest ranger.

Sung-ting thought the job would be simple, just some hiking, patrolling, and record-keeping, sounds easy, right?

His attitude led his coworker Lin Po-yao to warn him, "This job is not for people like you." Sung-ting was irritated by these words but at the same time impressed by his serious attitude… Meanwhile, Sung-ting fell off the mountain while rescuing some hikers, and in the end, had to go home with injuries.

Faced with skepticism from his friends and family about the meaning of the job, Sung-ting began quietly thinking about quitting.

However, when the hikers reached out to thank him, Sung-ting found the motivation to continue on. His performance even impressed his indifferent coworker Lin Po-yao, a turn of events that made him resolve to stick to the job. Soon, a forest fire allowed him to glimpse Po-yao's true feelings, bringing the two closer. Facing one challenge after another, including the hunt for illegal loggers, Sung-ting grew to embrace the sweet and bitter parts of the job. Working hard to become a professional forest ranger, he finally found a place where he belonged.

Role profile

  • Chi Sung-ting

    Chi Sung-ting

    Chi Sung-ting is an urban hipster with colorful hair and ear piercings. He is impulsive and can never stay at a job for long. Upon his mother's request, he applied to be a forest ranger.

  • Lin Po-yao

    Lin Po-yao

    One year senior to Sung-ting, Lin Po-yao is also a forest ranger. He appears cold and distant but takes his job extremely seriously. Due to Sung-ting's lax attitude in the beginning, he was quite unfriendly and unwelcoming.

About the Author


A graduate of the National University of Arts, she is currently a comics and illustrations freelancer. She contributed to Sharp Point Publication's and Sun Color Publication's comics collections.

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