Opus 9 The Swan (九號天鵝)

Creative Comic Collection
A human clone dreams of soaring into space, but struggles internally, uncertain whether any decision he makes is the result of free will.


In this world, cloned creatures have a 34.9% chance of making the same choices as in their "previous life."

Chio is the only successful human clone in the world, born from the genes of a great astronaut. Since a child, he has loved watching swans fly into the sky while dreaming about flying into the galaxy himself. However, growing up under close surveillance, he began to doubt himself, questioning whether everything in his life is predestined.

As the date of the space project approaches, the nanny droid with which Chio grew up undergoes a hardware update. After learning that robots can so easily replace their core machinery, Chio was crushed and slowly retreated into himself. Meanwhile, a public controversy over cloning technology has erupted. Moments before Chio's rocket launch, his flight security was threatened by groups of protesters. Just as the project was about to be canceled, Chio rediscovered his love for flying and chose to complete the journey of his own free will.

This is a profound story about AI, scientific ethics, and human free will.

Role profile

  • Chio


    The only successful human clone in the world. His genes come from a great astronaut. He was born for a space journey and for cloning technology advocacy. Although he loves flying, he cannot stop dwelling on his identity as a human clone or questioning his own free will. He has only Endur, a nanny droid that has been by his side since he was little, and Sgero, an old man he met by the river.

  • Endur


    The nanny droid has been tending to Chio since he was born. Its core machinery was replicated from the AI skeleton frame of Oss, Chio's gene provider. It constantly asks Chio, “Where do you want to go?”

About the Author


I aspire to be a funny person. Interests include fairy tales and short stories. Occasionally, I like to watch documentaries to learn about my alternate lives. PLURK/instagram: @greamoself