Unemployed Killers Support Group (失業殺手互助會)

Creative Comic Collection
Shortlisted at the 2023 Angoulême International Comics Festival Taiwan Comics
Four unemployed killers bond together in an attempt to salvage their lives.


This is a story about some unemployed killers who form a support group. Members include: a female killer who, while working a case, busted her cheating husband, lost control and killed the mistress, then lost her job; a dedicated lawyer whose sense of justice gradually erodes into vigilantism and bloodbath during lynching; a con who's actually never committed murder – and a new member, Locker Loyed, who joins in the group's efforts to help each other and get back on their feet.

Locker Loyed lost his vision on a sniper mission and as a result, lost his job as a killer. As he starts to share his story as an ex-killer, he gradually realizes that he ultimately needs to come face to face with a figure from his past – a dangerous criminal on the run who killed an old friend and caused Locker Loyed's blindness.

Role profile

  • Locker Loyed— — The Blind Sniper

    Locker Loyed— — The Blind Sniper

    Locker Loyed lost his vision on one of his missions, so could not continue to be a killer. He was then introduced to the Unemployed Killers Support Group. Meanwhile, Locker Loyed is still hunting the perpetrator who blinded him and killed an old friend.

  • Gloria Maze— — The Killer in a Marriage Crisis

    Gloria Maze— — The Killer in a Marriage Crisis

    Known for her caution on missions, Gloria Maze nevertheless impulsively murdered her husband's mistress when she unexpectedly caught him cheating. For this offense, she was fired, and her husband has not come home since.

  • Jerry Cole— — The Bloodthirsty Lawyer

    Jerry Cole— — The Bloodthirsty Lawyer

    The founder of Unemployed Killers Support Group, Jerry Cole, is a good person who takes care of others. As a lawyer, he constantly felt frustrated from seeing his colleagues help bad guys escape the criminal system. So, he became a hired killer to uphold justice himself. Eventually, he became addicted to murder and increasingly bloodthirsty. Hence he founded the support group.

  • Jordi Joe— — The Mama’s Boy Con Man

    Jordi Joe— — The Mama’s Boy Con Man

    Jordi Joe frequently fakes his identity in job interviews. He once pretended to be a professional killer and signed onto a mission, but was exposed immediately. He has never committed murder and lives under the shadow of his family, especially his mom.

About the Author


The author, Rio, loves cowboy culture and dark humor. He is allergic to positive thinking and wishes he were living a joke in the 1960s.
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