Vietnamese Café au Lait (煉乳咖啡滴答滴)

Creative Comic Collection
Shortlisted by Taiwan Comics at the 2023 Angoulême International Comics Festival.
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After returning home from studying abroad, Tsu-Kuei suddenly finds a new mother? This is the story of a Taiwanese daughter, her new Vietnamese mother, and the delicious dishes they share!


After graduating from university abroad, Tsu-Kuei didn't find a job and therefore returned home to Taiwan. After coming home, she finds out that her dad, who had been traveling all over the world over the years, is now married to a young Vietnamese woman, Chin-Hsiang. She had moved in with a little boy, and even started a small restaurant downstairs!?

Although confused, Tsu-Kuei decides to help Chin-Hsiang with the restaurant, to earn some money while job-seeking. Tsu-Kuei and Chin-Hsiang gradually grow close as they work together, along with a Vietnamese international student Chiu-hung and Tsu-Kuei's new little brother Tai. They did renovations, planned promotion campaigns, and also weathered obstacles such as when the delivery guy ate customers' food, and when Chin-Hsiang fell ill.

Not until Chin-Hsiang went back to Vietnam for a family visit did Tsu-Kuei realize that this new family had become an important part of her life. Around this time, however, Tsu-Kuei receives a job offer in another city and decides to move away. When Chin-Hsiang learns that Tsu-Kuei is leaving, she signs up for a cooking competition and decides to send Tsu-Kuei off with a special dish. In the end, Tsu-Kuei gives up the job offer and enrolls in a catering management program instead, to continue supporting Cin-Hsiang.

This is a heartwarming cuisine comic that will remind you of Midnight Diner. In each chapter, as we are introduced to a different Vietnamese dish, the "mother and daughter" pair who are close in age learn more about each other. This is a story about the day-to-day life of a Vietnamese immigrant who integrates into a Taiwanese family.

Role profile

  • Fang Tsu-Kuei

    Fang Tsu-Kuei

    An independent young woman who returns home after studying abroad. Tsu-Kuei's mother passed away when she was 12, therefore she was raised by her father. Growing up, she was always picking up after her father's messes, and putting away random things he brought home from his travels. Thus Tsu-Kuei grew into an independent young woman. As a child, she transferred between many different schools and never developed a sense of belonging at home. She is a bright person and went to the US to major in Information Management, but came home to Taiwan because she didn't get a work visa. For Tsu-Kuei, food had always simply been something to satiate hunger, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Fan Chin-Hsiang

    Fan Chin-Hsiang

    Down-to-earth and joyful young woman. After Chin-Hsiang dropped out of university back home, she helped her mother at her Pho restaurant and thereby became a skillful cook. She wants to introduce her hometown dishes to more people, and she also spends a lot of time helping other Vietnamese people living in Taiwan. She is not great at management. Chin-Hsiang often talks about her older sister.

  • Li Yu-tai

    Li Yu-tai

    A rational little boy who loves VTubers. Yu-tai is a second-generation immigrant of both Taiwanese and Vietnamese heritage. His biological mother is actually Chin-Hsiang's older sister, Mei-hsiang. After his father passed away, his guardianship was granted to his mother. However, since his mother was always busy at work, he lives with Chin-Hsiang for the time being. Before the age of 4, he was brought up by his grandma. Now he visits her from time to time. He is a fan of the VTuber Choco and the administrator of her fan club.

  • Nguyen thi Chiu-hung

    Nguyen thi Chiu-hung

    A beautiful international student. Chiu-hung is from northern Vietnam, and she came to Taiwan for a degree in Hospitality and Livelihood Service. Often dressed in Vietnam's national dress Ao Dai, an energetic, beautiful young girl who works part-time in exchange for meals at Chin-Hsiang's restaurant.

About the Author


Fuka was born in Kaohsiung and has a degree in Japanese. She's a cat person and a freelance creator. Her webcomic Working at a Cat Café was serialized on the Chinese comics website Fanfan Comic (40 issues in total).


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