The Nereus Office (海巫事務所)

Creative Comic Collection
#2 in popularity while serialized on CCC in 2022
This is an undersea adventure story about a young man and some anthropomorphized sea creatures.


Mu Tzu-Hang is an art student who feels lost about his future. One day, to clear his head, he takes a walk by the beach, where he sees a stranded sea turtle. After freeing the sea turtle, he finds himself swallowed by a huge wave. Instead of dying, he was saved by a mysterious man with silver hair and taken to "The Nereus Office." at the bottom of the ocean.

The Nereus Office devotes itself to assisting sea creatures with various kinds of problems. There, Tzu-Hang meets many unique creatures, including a cute yet spoiled hermit crab girl, a shy golden cuttlefish boy, and a carefree sea turtle grandpa… Tzu-Hang becomes good friends with the sea creatures and decides to stay for a year to work for his lodging.

During this time, inspired by his new friends, he learns that although the unknown future is frightening, it also represents limitless possibilities. Just as the coral spawn is carried by sea currents to new places, feeling lost does not indicate failure. Every single journey off the beaten path is meaningful because life itself is a parade worth celebrating.

Role profile

  • Mu Tzu-Hang

    Mu Tzu-Hang

    An art student who feels lost about his future. By accident, he arrives at The Nereus Office.There he regains his passion for art and finds the courage to continue onward.

  • Naye


    Proprietor of The Nereus Office. He is secretive and mysterious.

About the Author


Aiyaya: Lover of scuba diving and author of a column in the United Daily News. Runs a Facebook page called “Island Life” with over 50 thousand followers.
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