Tong-hua-chun Barbershop (東華春理髮廳)

Ruan Guang-min
Yuan-Liou Publishing Co., Ltd.
Winner of the 2009 Drama Comics Awards First Prize, from the Government Information Office of Taiwan.
The first ever Taiwanese original comics to be adapted into a TV series.
German translation authorized and published.
Three seemingly unrelated people cross paths due to an old barbershop.
As the three pieces together their memories of the past, all their life's wounds, regrets, and worries are given comfort, acceptance, and made peace with her.


Tong-hua-chun BarberShop, an old, small-town barbershop, seems to have remained unchanged over thirty years. Other than the shop owner and the inevitable passing of time, everything, including hairdryers, barber chairs, and interior decorations has been left alone, embodying the memories of the town elders……

The name"Tong-hua-chun" includes three characters taken respectively from the names of its original owner, his wife, and their son. However, twenty years ago this home was shattered when the owner left without a sign. That fateful day was Hsiao-hua Chen's birthday, also the last day he ever saw his father.

Ten-year-old Hsiao-hua Chen had a burning question: Why is it that Dad left home without taking anything, but it feels like he took so many things with him? Like a sharp needle poking at his heart, this question plagued him every day. Twenty years later, he was still running the barbershop left behind by his dad, day after day, until this day—

He receives a posthumous letter from his father, in which he learns that he has a sister he has never met, Yu-lan. The two siblings, with completely different fates, come together because of the barbershop. Yu-lan's return does not seem to change much of everyday life besides an extra pair of chopsticks at meals, an extra pair of helping hands in the barbershop, and a new line to the social network in town. However, the siblings, along with their colleague Chi-li Lee, a newly released m

an on parole, start to piece together their memories of the past. Scene by scene, they remember all experiences: beautiful, heartbreaking, warm, and painful. Once they've put together their fragmented memories, they come to realize the story of this small town and how all their fates are tightly tethered. The past cannot be changed, yet forgiveness and understanding may allow them to keep carrying on…

Role profile

  • Chen Hsiao-hua

    Chen Hsiao-hua

    Male, around 38 years old. A dedicated and nostalgic person who is harsh with his words but kind in his heart. He is an extremely skillful barber with a Taiwanese spirit carved deep in his bones, who fiercely protects the barbershop he inherited from his parents. His life is turned upside down after he takes in a former inmate Chi-li Lee, and his half-sister Yulan, who appears out of nowhere.

  • Chen Yu-lan

    Chen Yu-lan

    Female, around 18 years old. She is Hsiao-hua Chen's half-sister. She was raised with much love and care. After her father's sudden death, she has no choice but to turn to her half-brother whom she has never met before and start to face the harsh reality of life. Her willfulness always gets on Hsiao-hua's nerves.

  • Lee Chi-li

    Lee Chi-li

    Male, about 30 years old. He is gentle and quiet, and always keeps a low profile. He was sentenced and jailed for involuntary manslaughter, and starts working at Tong-hua-chun BarberShop after he gets out on parole.

About the Author

Ruan Guang-min

A long-time comic artist. His art style is fresh and clean, balancing humor and sentiment in his heartwarming stories about the unique peoples and cultures of Taiwanese society... He is the author of Legends of Assassins, Tong-hua-chun BarberShop, Seasoning of Happiness, Heaven Restaurant I~III, The Stealing Cop: Light and Darkness I~II, Yung-Chiu Grocery Store I~V, and The Magician on the Skywalk: The Graphic Novel, etc.

Juan has been awarded many major comic awards, including the 8th Golden Comic Awards' Best Young Adult Award and Comic of the Year with his Yung-Chiu Grocery Store I: Guard Where It Warms Your Heart in 2017. In 2020, he was awarded the Golden Comic Awards' Best Interdisciplinary Application for Yung-Chiu Grocery Store I~VI, as well as Comic of the Year for The Magician on the Skywalk: The Graphic Novel. Since 2011, he has been invited to many international events including the
Festival International de la Bande Dessinée, and the Artist Residency project of Literarisches Colloquium Berlin.

His original works Yung-Chiu Grocery Store and Tong-hua-chun BarberShop have been adapted into TV series of the same names.

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