A Swordsman cat in the Edo Era: A 12-Life Oiran (貓劍客(江戶篇)-十二命花魁)

Yeh Yutong
China Times Publishing Co.
Winner of the Bronze Award, the 16th International Manga Award
Shortlisted for Comic of the Year, 2022 Golden Comic Award of Taiwan
This is a fantasy adventure story inspired by folklore about feline deities from all around the world, combining the Chinese mythology of The Classic of Mountains and Seas and tales of Japanese monsters.


In order to trace the origin of his birth as a feline god, a Swordsman cat Bu-Bu and an artist creating the Chinese mythology The Classic of Mountains and Seas, Yu-ran Chung, set out on a journey to seek other feline deities. When they come to the Edo period, by chance they run into the famous Ukiyo-e artist, Hokusai; thereafter, they become involved in the art heist committed by a 12-tailed feline demon.

The feline demon lives quietly as a beautiful Oiran on Brothel Street. Any knight who sees her true face either dies or goes missing. Confronted with this demon of great swordsmanship and many lives, how can Bu-Bu the Swordsman cat retrieve the masterpiece artwork "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" and save Hokusai's life? "

Role profile

  • The Swordsman cat

    The Swordsman cat

    Bu-Bu the cat god carries a giant sword and wears a bamboo hat. It has two forms: feline and human. It was once brought home by a young human girl and thus given the name Bu-Bu.

  • Yu-ran Chung

    Yu-ran Chung

    An illustrator from the Great Qing of China. She comes from a Taoist family and carries the legacy of The Classic of Mountains and Seas, by which she exorcizes demons and monsters through making art.

  • Po-Yun


    The most highly-ranked Oiran on Brothel Street in the Edo period. She is in fact a feline demon with 12 knives on its back.

About the Author

Yeh Yutong

An artist from New Taipei City, Taiwan. She specializes in modern ink-washed Ukiyo-e and is especially known for her portraits of cats and nude females. She is skilled at combining comics with the Chinese technique of ink wash art, with its 5000-year history, to portray feelings deep in the soul.

Facebook page: search 懶人劍客 (Lazy Knight)
Instagram: inoue531

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