Comic/Chih-neng-tuan (智能團)  Writer/Seal Hsieh (食夢蟹)
A full-color, Hollywood-style superhero comic jointly created by Golden Comic Award-winning artist Chih-neng-tuan and writer Seal Hsieh.


A prisoner numbered 606 awakens his superpower and emerges as a hero traversing the dark side.

In a prison for superpowered thugs, he walks in darkness to look for his missing daughter.

He is exempt from the death penalty but is required to perform special missions for the government and go through a physical transformation, death battles, bloody killings, and Asylum No. 4 full of evil conspiracies.

In Sunu City, where disorder is the norm and gangsters live among civilians, the number of crimes is rising.

One day, Ivan, a barbershop owner, and his family are attacked at home. He wakes up to find himself accused of murdering his wife while his daughter goes missing.

After surviving an experimental transformation, he becomes Prisoner 606 with a dangerous superpower.

He heals himself and transforms blood into weapons in this prison for thugs, where everyone has a superpower.

Yet, in a deadly gamble, he chooses to stick to the moral belief of non-killing...

Jointly created by Golden Comic Award-winning artist Chih-neng-tuan and writer Seal Hsieh, Bloody Man is a full-color, Hollywood-style superhero comic with a distinctly American vibe and cinematic framing and color tones.

Role profile

  • Ivan Hamelin

    Ivan Hamelin

    An ex-military man. He runs a barbershop and lives an ordinary life before being falsely accused and brought into Asylum No. 4, where he goes through a physical transformation and gains a superpower. He is then relocated to the Blood Nest as Prisoner 606. His only wish is to find his missing daughter Emily and protect his family.

  • Jerry


    Prisoner 473, or Priest, as he calls himself. He and Ivan meet in the Blood Nest Prison. Besides joking around, he provides Ivan with much information about the prison and prisoners.

  • Norman Flake

    Norman Flake

    The main character's arch-enemy in the Blood Nest Prison. He likes to torture new prisoners to death with his superpower.

  • Lo


    An agent working for Sunu City Police. He considers Ivan to be a suspect of multiple murders and causes him to be sentenced to prison.

About the Author

Comic/Chih-neng-tuan (智能團)  Writer/Seal Hsieh (食夢蟹)

Artist: Chih-neng-tuan
\"I'm a design graduate. I have worked in fields including storyboard, game art, and interactive media for years. Now I draw things that look like comics. Bloody Man is created by a brilliant writer and features a constantly changing visual style that follows no rules. I hope people can still recognize the main character at the end of the story.\"

The artist was awarded Best Newcomer at the 2nd Golden Comic Awards in 2011.

Writer: Seal Hsieh
\"Howdy, My name is Seal Hsieh. I'm a comic writer whose left brain is filled with horror and suspense and right brain with romance. I have a wife, a son, a cat, and two birds. I twist my mind every day to earn a living. Bloody Man was a new challenge for me, but I had a great time writing it. I hope you enjoy reading it too.\"

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