The Loli Vampire Sisters (蘿莉吸血鬼之赤月下的雙子)

Hei An Zhi Guang
This is a fantasy adventure about two newbie vampire sisters.


Armed bandits attack and ransack a small village, leaving no living soul behind. Surrounded in a pool of blood, two sisters who were supposed to be dead become vampires when they are revived under the full moon the next night. The two newbie vampire sisters step into the world of the endless night with a human mentality as they try to survive and find out the truth.

Role profile

  • Alicia Alucard Scarlet

    Alicia Alucard Scarlet

    13 Years old, with blue eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair that looks like a sunset. She likes cooking and is a realist with a strong sense of responsibility and a cheerful personality. She doesn't have unrealistic fantasies. She often makes fun of the absurd things she sees. She is very athletic and skilled at martial arts. When she became a vampire she gained the “Fantasy Denial” and “Absolute Domination” powers.

  • Luna Alucard Scarlet

    Luna Alucard Scarlet

    12 Years old, with long pale blonde hair and one foolish-looking lock of hair. She has emerald green eyes and looks naturally quite foolish. She has an indecisive and innocent personality. Before becoming a vampire, she had a very weak body, so she isn't really against being a vampire if it means she can have a healthy body (even though she has to keep sucking blood to survive). She is gifted at throwing things and likes to play darts. When she became a vampire she gained the “Eye of Reality” and “Fantasy Kitchenware” powers.

About the Author

Hei An Zhi Guang

Webnovelist. They have several long-term serialized novels that appear on major platforms such as Adventurer's Paradise and Novel Channel. Some of their novels have been serialized for more than five years, and the serialized content has millions of words, all of which have received lots of views and positive reviews.

Artist: Red Herring Comic Studio
A group of berserkers who search for innovative ways of combining comics and technology.

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