Alice No.9 (第九號愛麗絲)

Author / Chai ye Chai ti
Artist / Pemy
Forget what you think you know about "Alice in Wonderland"! Alice is the villain in a hunt?! In a steampunk sci-fi near-future, hunters wearing classy tailored suits chase an absurd monster called "Alice."


The Commonwealth of Englia began to be threatened by a humanoid monster called Alice decades ago. Alice generated bookworms, harmful creatures that feed on books, and unleash a rotten nightmare when they devour the souls in a book. Our hero, Mr. X, conceals the fact he is a minor so he can become a bounty hunter. He was assigned to work alongside No. 9, a cold and arrogant hunter who likes to wear a gas mask.

Their chaotic adventure starts with an ally-adversary relationship: the reckless and the ruthless. As the story unfolds, other characters join in the risky undertaking: the AI ​​caterpillar system that can detect Alice's whereabouts, the mission team named "Sista" that assists Alice's cruelty, and the "March Hare'' killer that has been raised by Sista.

There is also the Cheshire Cat who spreads legends and anecdotes of Alice and brings trouble to the hunters from time to time. The hunters follow a trail of breadcrumbs until the duo finally comes to the "Countess" who lives on the artificial island in the sky, and in the end, discovers the record of everything.

Role profile

  • Mr. X “mad hatter”

    Mr. X “mad hatter”

    A young and cheerful hunter who prefers firepower to complicated tactics. He relies entirely on his reckless intuition, but because he has a kind heart and is gifted at caring for others, he wins everyone's tolerance.

  • No. 9 “white rabbit”

    No. 9 “white rabbit”

    No. 9 is a real name and not a code name. He is a caring young man who prefers to complete his task with minimal gunfire, and who never removes his gas mask. He rarely communicates with others.

About the Author

Author / Chai ye Chai ti
Artist / Pemy

Author: CHAO

Skilled at building a grand worldview for adventure stories based on popular fairy tales, and develops a style in which fantasy blends with the cruel reality. Apart from an enthusiasm for creative writing and an inexplicable pen name, the author is just an ordinary person with no hobbies in particular.

Artist: Pemy

Aries. Bird person. Member of the Coriander Cult. The short-term dream is for every breakfast shop in Taiwan to start offering the option of adding coriander, along with the usual egg and cheese.

《第九號愛麗絲》© 拆野拆替 & 胚謎Pemy/威向文化