Super Supermarket

Pam Pam Liu
Slowork Publishing 慢工文化
An absurdist vision of a world on permanent lockdown, in which a golden ticket to shop at the Super Supermarket is a luxury so scarce that it draws out the darker side of human nature.


A projection into the future of current pandemic realities, Super Supermarket envisions a world in which no one leaves their home, in which simply walking down the street can get you reported to authorities, and in which everything past the front door begins to provoke reactions of fear and anxiety. Cloistered in their homes, a new generation of children is growing up with no knowledge of the outside world or basic niceties – like wearing pants!

One day our protagonist is reading a picture book to her nephew, only to discover it contains forbidden depictions of playgrounds and supermarkets – things that no child should know about! Her hysterical complaints to customer service are resolved with a free gift of two tickets to the Super Supermarket Experience, an elite in-store shopping simulation intended to alleviate the rampant cabin fever of the near future. However, the tickets only serve to awaken our protagonist's long-suppressed retail desires, leading her down a spiral of temptation that can only end in disaster!

Role profile

  • The heroine

    The heroine

    She has a strong temper and is impatient. She lives with her boyfriend and her nephew, but she doesn't do much for her child's education.

  • The hero

    The hero

    Sweet and shy, he takes things as they come, and he is not very observant.

  • The child

    The child

    A not very smart kid who never leaves the house.

About the Author

Pam Pam Liu

Active as an illustrator, an independent graphic novelist, and a musician, Pam Pam is also a talented animator. She graduated from the Department of Communications Design, Shih Chien University in 2009 and gained an MA in Graphic Communication Design from Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London in 2013. In 2010, she founded No Future No Past and self-published a number of comic books and zines.

Her works span the range from darkly absurdist fantasies to true-to-life stories like her highly acclaimed Good Friend, Cancer. Her other works include A Trip to the Asylum, which is the first graphic novel to win the literature prize in Taiwan, and Black Doomsday, both of which have been published in France by IMHO.

《Super Supermarket》© Pam Pam Liu/慢工文化