Console, 2073 (2073年的電子玩具)

Slowork Publishing
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J is a debugger engineer for games. He is obsessed with using a gaming device banned in 2073 to enter the game to meet with a character who no longer has a storyline. Dream Reality makes everything seem real, so real that J cannot seem to tell the difference between reality and dream anymore.


The book was inspired by the author's love of role-playing in online games. He once grew fond of a minor female character in one of the games, but her story ended after she'd accomplished her mission. Still, the author returns to the game to visit her from time to time. The idea of "nothing happened" makes him appear to be lonely, which eventually be the theme of the story.

"The loneliness of seeking warmth in technology" is at the core of Console, 2073's captivating sci-fi story. As the plot develops, J, who makes a living debugging games, begins to want to create one of his own. "Creation" takes place both inside and outside the story, a phenomenon Ding Pao-Yen. has long been eager to explore.

Role profile

  • J


    A programmer specializing in game bug removal. He is excellent at his job, but he has little experience in romantic relationships. In order to gain convenience and a sense of reality for his work, he repeatedly enters the game world using a dangerous device.

  • Saya


    An NPC (non-playable character) in the game "End of the Century Library" who loves books. She is supposed to repeat the same lines, but at one point, she starts behaving as if she has gained self-awareness.

  • Sheep man

    Sheep man

    A mysterious character appearing in the game who seems to know the entire truth.

About the Author


Born in Taiwan in 1988, Ding Pao-Yen is a contemporary artist and cartoonist. His love of online games and science fiction come together in a dream world like an active volcano that transforms into a bizarre, lava-like worldview in his work.

Ding Pao-Yen graduated from the National Kaohsiung University College of Fine Arts. He was named a Promising Newcomer at Taipei's 2014 Made in Taiwan Exhibition. In 2014, he won first prize in the New Talent category at the Pingtung Manga Exhibition. In 2023, he had an exhibition at the Angoulême International Comics Festival.

He has self-published his comics since 2014. Works include Dinosaur Field Guide, Maybe I Should Find a Job, Road to Nowhere, and From the Dream Dimension. Misma has issued a French edition of Road to Nowhere.

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