Intermediate Station (中途車站)

Silvia Ko
Shortlisted at the 2023 Angoulême International Comics Festival, Taiwan Pavilion
The moment I knew I had died, the sky was clearer and more beautiful than ever…


Welcome to Intermediate Station. We welcome every passenger who arrives here and guide you to make your own decisions… Cheng-Yun, a high school student, suddenly arrives at a beautiful train station. The station mistress tells him this is Intermediate Station, where only the dead are allowed, and he must choose to be reborn or to stay and work at the station…

Role profile

  • Hsu Hsing-Le

    Hsu Hsing-Le

    She is carefree and sometimes a bit lazy – often needs help or reminders from her subordinates. She has a strong sense of honor and only does things she believes in. She can never leave alone things she cares about and turns out to be actually reliable in crucial moments.

  • Liu Cheng-Yun

    Liu Cheng-Yun

    He is hard-working and sets high standards for himself, hence always under a lot of pressure. Occasionally relies on Hsing-Le for help and advice, and gradually learns to rely on the people around him. Loves his 7-year-old little sister (Liu Hsin-Chiao) dearly. Decisive when it comes to his family, but often gets lost when making decisions for himself. Often gauges his decisions through others' perspectives.

About the Author

Silvia Ko

Popular illustrator. This story centers on the afterlife, hence the overall use of cool-tone colors. As the story progresses, some pages are drawn in warmer colors, to create rich layers for the whole work.
中途車站 © 卡鳴可/長鴻出版社