Love Confession at Age 35 (35歲的告白)

What is “normal?” Originally he was just a coworker, who would have thought…!!?


What does it mean to "like" someone? 

Chun-Jen Liu is 35 years old and single. He cannot figure out why he seems so unattractive to women! Amidst his confused feelings about never having had any romance in his life, he meets a new colleague, Chien-Fan Yeh.

Though Chien-Fan seemed like the type to not make friends at work, they somehow end up living together!?"

Role profile

  • Chun-Jen Liu

    Chun-Jen Liu

    35 Years old, a Virgo, 176cm (5 ‘7 tall), works as a project manager, and identifies as heterosexual. He is very sociable and good at making others feel comfortable, especially when talking to engineers without social skills. Yet, he struggles with the language of love. He is a virgin with no romantic experience. He wears blue-light glasses, dyes his hair light brown, and is often in a suit without a tie. His favorite colors are black and blue. He has built a good life for himself, knows how to cook, and is a bit of a clean freak.

  • Chien-Fan Yeh

    Chien-Fan Yeh

    28 Years old, Taurus, 180cm (5 ‘9 tall), works as a system engineer in the same company as Chun-jun and identifies as bisexual leaning gay. He seems wiser than his age. His favorite color is green. He is usually in a checkered shirt and jeans. He loves learning about pour-over coffee. He lacks social skills and had to leave his previous job due to bullying and mistreatment.

About the Author


From the author: Through heartwarming stories, I hope to bring a small sense of escape to readers who feel unlucky in their lives.

In this story, I want to explore how growing up – graduating from school to entering the workforce – leads a person to grow out of immature ideas about love and romance.

After much struggle and soul searching, the protagonist faces his true feelings and accepts his sexuality. This is a story from deep in my heart. It may not be very sweet or romantic, but I hope it will leave an impression on my readers!

35歲的告白 © TEI/長鴻出版社