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A collaboration between Taiwanese and Japanese artists to visualize music in the form of a comic! This comic makes you hear the music between the pages.


Peter Mann's comics take you on a roller coaster ride through life's ups and downs.

There is a saying that "music is life's necessity." A song can encapsulate a generation. It can also become a singer's iconic work. It can bring back memories of a relationship, and can even provide comfort when feelings of regret arise. Music is everywhere in our daily life, and we often find ourselves resonating with certain songs in different stages of our life.

In his works, Peter Mann often uses a unique sense of humor and narrative to create a worldview that is both fantastical and realistic. The fantastical part is that he uses comics as a medium to write a story about music that you can both see and hear. The realistic part is that we can all relate to the emotions of the characters in his stories.

The title of the comic Bla Bla Song was originally used to describe popular sentimental ballads that were sung aloud. They are uncomplex songs that are close to people's hearts. The four short stories in this comic use four different songs to integrate Peter Mann's bold and humorous style of storytelling that uses a mixture of fantasy and reality; he also engages readers through audio and visual effects to depict profound feelings that everyone shares.

01 About Lies: "A Song For You"
There's a coffee shop that has played the same song for ten years straight. Out of curiosity, a journalist tries to uncover the owner's innermost memories….

02 About Distance: "Office Love"
Everything happens by chance: an office romance, a piece of evidence about cheating, and a song that was played. All of these things bring back the memory of you.

03 About Responsibilities: "Dream ♡ Baby"
Each nightmare triggers the start of a therapy session.

04 About Needs: "Bala Song"
Does happiness need to be compared? Don't label my happiness.

Special features:
A collaboration between Taiwanese and Japanese artists to visualize music in the form of a comic.
Artists involved in this comic include Peter Mann (comic artist), Summer Eye (musician), and Ami Tseng (lead singer of DSPS).
The comic comes with four original songs, scan the QR code and immerse yourself in the world of music!

Role profile

  • Coffee shop owner

    Coffee shop owner

    Married. Owner of a coffee shop that has been running for more than ten years. The store always plays the same song, and there seems to be a story behind it.

  • Yu Wendy

    Yu Wendy

    The editor of Bla Bla Magazine will stop at nothing to get an interview. To unravel the mystery behind the song playing in the café, she tries her best to get the shop owner to tell all.

  • Mystery girl

    Mystery girl

    A girl whom the shop owner met when he was in high school. They felt at ease with each other from the beginning. She would always borrow an earphone from the store owner to listen to music together.

About the Author


He was born in Germany in 1995. 100% Taiwanese.
He previously worked in animation and took a long way around to now drawing comics. A lot of his artworks are about music, including key vision and graphic design for music festivals and CD album covers. It's hard to use traditional categories to define the themes of his comics–they pursue farcical humor in everyday life. He loves to create illogical twists in his works.

Instagram: @moneycommmmme
Facebook: waterpetermann

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