The Humming of the Water Serpent God (水蛇神夜詠)

Leilei Zi
Tong Li Publishing
In the top 3 for a long time on the Tong Li E-book platform for most read comics.
The Water Serpent God has accidentally been awakened by the new king who hates everything about the water serpent faith. The god who had been sleeping for hundreds of years is back. Is she here to protect the new king, or strangle him as a sacrifice to herself…


In Chamissa there is a legend that has been passed down for thousands of years: a water serpent called Tura Nai used to bring misfortune and disasters to the local people. In order to put an end to this disaster, the people followed a shaman's words and offered human hearts regularly as a sacrifice to the water serpent. One day about a hundred years ago, Chamissa was invaded by its enemies. Just when it was about to be destroyed in a battle, numerous water serpents appeared and defeated these enemies. Since then, Tura Nai has been worshiped as the patron saint of this kingdom. Fear of the monster later turned into reverence and legends were passed down for generations.

However, the new king, Meulensel, utterly despises everything about the water serpent faith. Not only is he disrespectful to the god, he even wants to abolish the faith altogether. Moreover, there is a rumor about the king that his eyes are so powerful that anyone who meets his glare will become spellbound. As rumors spread in the palace, everyone starts to see the king as the devil incarnate. A young priest, Kutaz, offends the king out of his piety for the Water Serpent God. The king and the young priest have an argument at the altar, and the king has an accidental fall from a cliff that no one could've survived. The High Priest, who is a supporter of the king, witnesses the incident and attacks the young priest. But before the High Priest can kill the young priest, Tura Nai appears all of a sudden from the water below the cliff with the appearance of a young girl with a serpent's tail holding the king in her arms.

Tura Nai is awakened by the king's accidental fall, which fulfills the conditions of a sacrifice. Ironically enough, it is the disbelieving king that awakens the water serpent once again, and the event changes the kingdom's faith once and for all. "

Role profile

  • Meulensel, the new king

    Meulensel, the new king

    The son of the Holy Concubine Katya and inherited a beautiful face from her. He despises the water serpent's faith and does not believe in the existence of Tura Nai or a god. Because of the rumors about his supernatural power, he is deemed the incarnation of an evil spirit.

  • Turanai, the water serpent god

    Turanai, the water serpent god

    Looks like a young girl with a snake's tail. Legend has it that Tura Nai has the power to destroy everything and dwell under the sea. For more than a thousand years people were not sure about her existence until Meulensel accidentally fell by the altar.

About the Author

Leilei Zi

They started their career at Tong Li Co., and their earlier works were serialized in the hard copy magazine (later digitized) Star Girls. Vickyrey has a mature and sophisticated style.

Their latest work is the splendid and mysterious work The Humming of the Water Serpent God.

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