Liuli and Knight (琉璃與騎士)

Yi-Huan (依歡)
Tong Li Publishing
When a young boy that can grow wings, a girl whose tears turn into gold and an immortal ghost knight all meet, their destinies are changed forever. It starts an epic fantasy love story…


The legend about a young girl in a village whose tears turn into gold has caused many lords and rulers to try and find her in order to increase their power. Petty thieves have even sought to snatch this girl. The Khan has sent the immortal ghost knights to search for the village where this young girl resides, and to slaughter everyone and everything in sight. This has terrified everyone.

Zack was one of the people who fled from the ghost knights after he heard the legend of the girl whose tears turn into gold, he had the idea of turning her into the ruler for a reward. On a chance encounter, he happened to stumble across this miraculous young girl, but her tears didn't turn into gold as the legend said.

The ghost knights were never far behind, one night the ghost knights found them. In order to evade the capture of the ghost knight, Zack and Liuli discover each other's secret, and they see the ghost knight Urim Talak left behind and injured. The meeting of the three of them changes each other's destiny. In order to escape from the Khan and take Urim Talak back to his hometown, the three of them embark on an unknown journey…

Role profile

  • Liuli Batur

    Liuli Batur

    The young girl in the legend whose tears turn into gold. She was saved by a “deity” when she was young, which made her a devout believer. Disasters befell people because of the legend, so the villagers excluded her. She is the ghost knights' target.

  • Ur Taraq

    Ur Taraq

    The ghost rider from a northern tribe who has an unknown past with the princess from when he was young. He became the princess's dark ghost knight. After meeting Liuli and Zack, he starts to recover from his senseless and soulless state

About the Author

Yi-Huan (依歡)

Most of her works explore ancient Chinese culture, with themes including history, fantasy, and xianxia (immortal heroes).

Her most recent work Liuli and Knight adopts a Western fantasy worldview, with romantic fables in each chapter. Occasionally, it also includes elements of science fiction, Western fairy tales, and short stories set on a school campus.

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