Puppet (人偶)

Tong Li Publishing
An extended adaptation of the winner of the 2017 Japan Yoshimoto Kogyo Manga Contest for Original Works
YinFu's latest dark fairy tale! What's the cost of bringing a dead child back to life?


The carpenter couldn't forget his beloved son who died long ago, so he makes a puppet and brings it to life to be his son. After gaining life and living with the carpenter, the puppet gradually finds that his life is a bit strange.

It seems that there is a large part of his memory missing. There is also a disturbing murder case in the town that completely terrifies everyone. What will happen to the seemingly peaceful life of this puppet?

Role profile

  • Livs Lutte

    Livs Lutte

    Twenty years after his death, he is brought back to life again by his carpenter father with the appearance of a twelve-year-old. Although he has some memories of his previous life, he discovers that a large part of his memory is missing.

  • Bjorn Lutte

    Bjorn Lutte

    He is a famous carpenter from the town who can turn any ordinary piece of wood into an exquisite piece of carpentry, and can make them move as if they are alive. He is known as a“Miraculous Carpenter.”

About the Author


In 2013 shortlisted as a candidate for the 22nd Tong Li Youth Comic Prize.
In 2018 started publishing the comic strip Waker on Dragon Youth Monthly and co-created a comic version of the mobile game Moew.
His latest comic work is Puppet.

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