Scarecrows (孤村草人)

Comic / Negpoet
Original Novel/Zui Liuli
Anyone who enters the village is doomed. They will never be able to leave. In this village, the traditional custom of having a “preventative funeral” and a “red coffin ceremony” has taken on a different meaning–they mark the start of a game of manhunt.


In this village, people say that if you encounter a second bereavement then you will also experience a third loss. To prevent this third person from dying, people perform the preventive ritual of making scarecrows.

Yen-yü, who's traveling to find her missing sister, goes to Feng-he village, famous for its numerous scarecrows. In the village, red coffins are seen in every household, scarecrows often change places, and there is a strange curfew that no one is allowed to go out after 10 pm….as Yen-yü continues her investigation, the secret of Feng-he village slowly starts to come to the surface. From the moment anyone enters the village, no one can ever leave.

The villagers act sneaky, the scarecrows assault people with knives, and the local tourist attraction is turned into a stage for a manhunt. Negpoet uses a dark and realistic art style in his comic. Scarecrow is adapted from Zui Liuli's novel series Night Whispers. The story incorporates elements from traditional Chinese social customs and takes readers into the treacherous and frightening world of the scarecrows.

Role profile

  • Yen-yü


    About 18-20 years old, cool, tall with short hair. Nominally, she is working as a model for A-piao to earn money for her tuition fees, but in fact, she asks A-piao to be her driver and bodyguard because she is going to Feng-he village to find her missing sister. She is brave and persistent, and she is very close to her sister.

  • A-piao


    An enthusiast of cosplay photography. He likes video games and refuses to separate from his high-end gaming laptop while traveling. He spends most of his time staying in his room editing pictures or playing video games. He first met Yen-yü while looking for models online, and later helped her find her sister in Feng-he village.

  • Liu Ching-ching

    Liu Ching-ching

    A villager in Feng-he village and a mortuary cosmetologist. She has a gloomy expression and looks mysterious. Her disagreement with the village's chief triggered a series of disputes.

About the Author

Comic / Negpoet
Original Novel/Zui Liuli

Comic artist: Negpoet

A comic and animation creator who wants to escape into the virtual world. He has been engaged in storyboard art and animation-related work. He believes that there are mysterious things in the world and likes to think about strange stories.

Original novel: Zui Liuli

Virgo. Born on September 12th. An escapist who always wants to do a big cleanup when work gets busy. A fan of scary movies who always has to cover their eyes with their fingers. Their biggest wish every day is to sleep until waking up naturally. 


Facebook: zuiliuli1111

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《孤村草人》© 爛貨習作、醉琉璃/原動力文化