Brides, Weddings & Li (婚禮大作戰)

The winners at the 13th Annual Golden Comic Awards
Getting married is an endless farce! Jiji humorously depicts wedding culture, such as traditional customs, zodiac taboos, and communication problems in a lively and heartwarming way.


After moving back to her hometown in Taoyuan, A-li starts her new life watching over her family's traditional wedding shop. A-li stumbles upon three merry brides-to-be bonded by the difficulties of wedding planning.

I-chi, who is A-li's middle school classmate, plans to get married and move to the US; I-chia, who wants a romantic wedding, is an elegant bride-to-be; Man-man, who is painstakingly preparing her wedding, is a god-tier influencer that never forgets to ask her fans to like, subscribe and turn on notifications.

They all thought that getting married would be a smooth journey, but they never could've anticipated the mountain-sized bumps along the way. Wedding customs, zodiac taboos, and communication problems…how will these three merry brides bravely overcome these difficult decisions?

Role profile

  • A-li


    A down-to-earth 28-year-old introvert. She moved to another county for college and stayed there to work after graduating. After quitting her job, she returns to her hometown, where she accepts the job of running her family's traditional wedding shop, and gradually starts to explore traditional wedding customs.

  • I-chi


    She is A-li's middle school classmate, who plans to move to the US after getting married. She is enthusiastic and outgoing.

  • I-chia


    She was a radiographer, but after deciding to get married she quit her job. She is gentle and caring.

  • Man-man


    An influencer and vlogger, who is planning to get married to her talent manager. She's lively and generous.

  • Ta-mao


    A-li's boyfriend and childhood sweetheart. He cares a lot for A-li.

About the Author


She is from Taoyuan, has an MA degree in veterinary medicine, and also passed the national exam to practice as a veterinarian. After learning how to save animals for seven years, she then decided to use comics to save herself.

《婚禮大作戰》© Jiji 吉吉/原動力文化