Rosetta (羅賽塔:時光的宣敘調)

Eli Lin
Gaea Books
Eli Lin has been consecutively nominated for Concours Jeunes Talents and the FIBD Challenge of Angoulême International Comics Festival
Hand an object to Rosetta, and you shall see its soul story within.


Every antique object contains unforgettable yearnings……

In an alleyway of an old city hides a mysterious antique store, where people trade the souls of objects.


The shop owner, Rosetta, has shockingly colorful hair and a slender, curvy figure. In stark contrast to her antiques, she is young and beautiful.

It is said she can tell you the stories and memories behind any object you hand her. Here, we learn the stories of an old fountain pen, a neglected portrait, a necklace, and Salome, a stage play based on the Biblical story.

Every object has an immortalized soul, born from unforgettable events and sentiments from the past…

Role profile

  • Rosetta


    Her age and identity are unknown. She runs a mysterious antique store and has a special ability to see the stories, experienced through time, of every antique object.

About the Author

Eli Lin

Eli Lin is an artist who does comics and illustrations and has recently started making animations. Her interests include jazz music, astronomy, fashion, and history. Eli is especially interested in anything involving culture and humanity.


Selected for “Artists in Taiwan 2022: Taiwanese Illustrators and Comic Writers”  Selected as a Merit winner for the 3x3 International Illustration Show


Nominated for the FIBD Challenge in the Angoulême International Comics Festival 2021


Acted as a storyboard artist for the PTV original sci-fi animation series Pigsy Express 2020
Winner of the Jury Special Selection Award for Traditional Comics Group in the Original Comic and Script Awards 2020


Attended the Retrospect Exhibit of Angoulême International Comics Festival, Taiwan Pavilion 2019


Nominated for Young Talent Award at Angoulême International Comics Festival 2018
Selected for Digital Challenge in Angoulême International Comics Festival

《羅賽塔:時光的宣敘調》© Eli Lin/蓋亞文化