Plant Collectors' Notebooks (採集人的野帳)

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Plant Collectors' Notebooks Vol. 2 was selected as one of the recommended publications at the 46th Golden Tripod Awards for Publications.
This work revisits the discovery, collection and classification of plants in 20th century Taiwan by exploring the footprints and spirit of plant collectors while on their journey of discovery.


A botanist identifies and collects flowers and herbs, then they make them into a specimen. The notes they make during the process of collecting are called "field notes," which are written down in notebooks.

In 1924, the Herbarium located in the Taipei Botanical Garden was completed. It is now the oldest and most abundant herbarium in Taiwan. The early 20th century was the golden age of botanical research in Taiwan. The determination and enthusiasm of botanists from that period have been passed down to this day. During the Taishō era, when Taiwan was a colony of the Empire of Japan, there was an abundant flow of academic scholarship, which gave brilliant scholars a chance to make a name for themselves.

One day, Tuā-tiū-tiânn Medicinal Herb Shop welcomed a distinguished guest who brought good news about the release of the Compendium of Taiwan Folk Medicinal Plants. But the actions of the reckless young owner of the shop led to a catastrophe. As a result, he has to work in the Herbarium to "make up for the losses." During his time working in the Herbarium, he witnesses the process of plant collecting and producing plant specimens, which shows him the great effort and devotion of plant collectors and researchers in Taiwan.

The author of this comic dug deep into the historical records of the Taipei Botanical Garden to uncover an unknown story about the daily life of plant collectors during the Taishō period in Taiwan. The story takes readers on a journey to relive the most prosperous period of native plant research in Taiwan.

Role profile

  • Hsu Liang-shan

    Hsu Liang-shan

    As the young owner of the Medicinal Herb Shop, he knows a lot about medicinal plants. He accidentally destroyed the botanist Sasaki's plant specimens in a fire. As a result, he enters the Herbarium to “make up for the losses.” He has a rash personality, but after working at the Herbarium he gradually becomes more mature and stable.

  • Matsuo Haku

    Matsuo Haku

    He is a staff member at the Herbarium and has a hardworking and stern personality. He is very good at collecting specimens.

  • Wu Cao

    Wu Cao

    A young girl from Bandit Village, she has a straightforward personality and a mysterious backstory. She is interested in the process of collecting plant specimens and joins the team with Matsuo Haku and Hsu Liang-shan.

About the Author


She is a freelance comic content creator. Her previous works include the comic adaptation of the TV series Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark, The Moriyama Recitation, and The Plant Collectors' Notebooks.

In 2018, Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark won the award for Best Young Artist in the Golden Comic Awards.

In 2022 The Plant Collectors' Notebooks was selected in the list of recommended publications of the 46th Golden Tripod Awards for Publications.

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