Day Off

Dailygreens (每日青菜)
Rusuban Studio
The first 1,000 limited-edition sets are sold out before they hit the market.
When the graphic novel was officially published, it went to the second print the next day.
Get ready for Taiwan BL comics! A very manly supervisor and his honey, a subordinate. These are the stories of their daily office life.
Taiwanese artist Dailygreens' first work is here to offer some comic therapy. The highly popular web serial is so cute that it hurts.


The gentle supervisor (sometimes a very picky eater) and the cute subordinates (a weird Gemini) are a couple now. Only their colleague Lily and you know about this!

Their daily office romance, sometimes sweet, sometimes slightly bitter, will keep you company in the busy office life.

We can all use a little therapeutic sweetness in the daily hustle and bustle.

Role profile

  • Shih Tung-yun

    Shih Tung-yun

    185 Cm tall, 29 years old. A gentle and cautious Capricorn. Blood type A. Head of the Planning Department. He is down to earth and prudent, able to resolve any problems at work and well-liked by everyone. He had trouble getting along with colleagues at first as socializing isn't his strong suit. This all changed with the arrival of a new colleague, Hua Hsiao-feii. His love for Hua Hsiao-feiis love at first sight. Hsiao-feiis his favorite. He turns into a silly boyfriend and finds everything Hsiao-fei does cute. However, as powerful and strong as he is, he has one weakness: his fear of carrots.

  • HuaHsiao-fei


    176 Cm tall, 25 years old. A capricious Gemini. Blood type B. A rookie in the Planning Department, he is straightforward, cheerful, and uncomplicated. He gets along with peers and wears his heart on his sleeve; his only secret is his secret romance with the head of the Planning Department. He likes strong and gentle people.

About the Author

Dailygreens (每日青菜)

Dailygreens is from Taichung, Taiwan. She lives in Taipei now. She loves vegetables and drawing the sweet moments in life.

She created Day Off to enjoy the sweetness of the story.

《DAY OFF》©每日青菜/留守番工作室