Where are the ghosts going? : The bonding of memory + Farewell of love (鬼要去哪裡?【記憶的牽絆+愛的道別】)

Rimui Yumin (韋蘺若明)
Yuan-Liou Publishing
Recommended work for the Taiwan Pavilion at the 2020 Angoulême International Comics Festival", "A highly popular serialized color comic strip on the original manga mobile app \"comico\”.
During the time of serialization, the comic ranked among the top ten popular comics on comico and was collected by 600,000 readers.
First comic book by Rimui, who was nominated for the Golden Comic Awards \"Most Promising New Comer\" and the first prize winner of Japan's Asianbeat Asian Four-panel Comics Awards.
Because of love, they falter and linger. Because of love, we move forward with courage.These ghost stories are about human nature, relationships, and regrets.


It turns out that she too can see \"them\", that he is not alone…

High school student Chiutungalways wears his hair short with bangs. While he has a cute haircut, he often seems aloof and cold. It turns out that he lost someone he loved dearly. He keeps her last token, hoping to see her again. Because of his ability to see \"them\", he is known as the “ghost bus” to the lost souls.

Things changed when he met Chingching, a classmate with an opposite personality. They are as different as fire and ice, yet they possess the same mysterious sensibility and ability. Chiutung had always felt lonely and misunderstood. The meeting with Chingchingsparked a small warm flame within him.

Together, they encounter ghosts that linger in the world, unable to let go: a man who lost his memories and unaware that he is dead, the dog living in the kitchen of a stranger's house, the dark girl who wanders in the art classroom, the teary-eyed little boy who got separated from his mother, and the childhood sweethearts who are separated by death and unable to communicate their feelings…Chiutung and Chingching begin to bond over time. They've come to trust each other and grown closer as they resolved the misunderstanding between them.

Ghost stories can be so gentle and poignant.

Created by the highly anticipated young Atayal cartoonist RIMUI and based on the theme of mystery and spirituality, Where are the ghosts going? is set on a high school campus. The images come to life with a fast-paced storyline, vivid characters, as well as an aesthetic style that is fresh and free-flowing.

Cartoonist Ruan Guang-min (阮光民), winner of the Golden Comic Awards: \"This is not a horror comic book. Rather, it tells these heart-warming stories in which the worlds of the living and the dead meet.\"

Role profile

  • Yu Chiutung

    Yu Chiutung

    16 Years old. High school freshman. A Taurus. While he can see ghosts, he has never seen his mother, who passed away. He is well-known among the local spirits.

  • Li Chingching

    Li Chingching

    16 Years old. Classmate of Chiutung. An Aquarius. Slightly neurotic and timid, she is troubled by her supernatural sensibility.

  • Feng Chi

    Feng Chi

    A handsome middle-aged man of the ghost world, who has lost his memories and his way. He crosses paths with Chingching and Chiutung, and in the process, he slowly finds his past.

About the Author

Rimui Yumin (韋蘺若明)

A Leo and Atayal aborigine from Taoyuan, Rimui graduated from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

Published works: Where are the ghosts going?, Happy Home, Happy Life, Funeral Concerto, CATzzz, etc. In particular, Where are the ghosts going? is her first comic book. Her greatest wish is to create works that save hearts and souls.

Winner of the 14th International Manga Awards, Japan.

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