Railway Sonata: the Four Seasons (鐵道奏鳴曲)

Ruan Guang-min (阮光民)
Yuan-Liou Publishing
Recommended work for the Taiwan Pavilion at the 2018 Angoulême International Comics Festival in France.
The author won the Golden Comic Awards Best Comic for Young Adults and Comic of the Year in 2017, and Comic of the Year and Best Cross-media Application in 2020. His original works Yong-Jiu Grocery Store and Dong-Huachun Barbershop have been adapted into TV series of the same titles.
The scenes are set along the Neiwan railway line in Taiwan, and the timeline spans four seasons. The four stories depicted are independent of each other and yet interconnected.


First movement: postcard from the spring light
On a warm spring day, a postcard for a B&B advertisement with beautiful handwriting prompts Achieh to reply on an impulse. In order to remedy an act of stupidity, he sets off to the B&B to intercept. There, the smile of the B&B owner, Jhii An, becomes imprinted in Achieh's heart...

Second movement: wedding dress carried by the summer wind
 Inside a carriage on the Neiwan line, a young woman dressed in white bridal gown runs dashing through. Just as her heel breaks off, she collides with a tall man in a handsome uniform. This is how Liao Chun-sheng and Li Chiiu-fen meet, on a summer day with the scent of ginger lily in the air.

Third movement: waltz played by the autumn rain
 In the autumn rain, a man in his seventies known as Uncle Ching Ming is seen in his station crew uniform. He attentively directs traffic on the platform at a station that has long been transformed into an unmanned station. It is as though he has boarded a train travelling back to the past, where he remains standing, for eternity…

Fourth movement: winter traveler's storybook
 “Teacher Snail”, who cannot let go of his dream of literary writing, is unable to stop his wife who is determined to take the child and leave. The only thing he can do is to secretly see his daughter off from afar at the airport. He then begins his journey to the next stop on a winter day, in search of a place where he belongs.

Role profile

  • Chunchieh (Achieh)

    Chunchieh (Achieh)

    A tech nerd who is a yes man at work. Upon learning that the female colleague he has a crush on is about to get married, he replies to an ad on a whim.

  • Jhi an

    Jhi an

    A travel photographer who decides to return to hometown following his father's death to take over the B&B and take care of his grandmother. He continues to record authentic moments with his camera lens.

About the Author

Ruan Guang-min (阮光民)

A cartoonist with a fresh and clean style and a touch of humor and sensibility, Ruan Guang-min is known for his portrayals of the heart-warming stories unique to Taiwanese society and rich in humanity. His passion for comics has never wavered since the beginning of his career decades ago. His other works include: Chronicles of the Assassins, Dong-Huachun Barbershop, Spice of Happiness, Heaven Restaurant 1-3, Kíng-tshat: Light and Darkness 1 and 2, the Corner Store 1-5, the graphic novel of The Magician on the Skywalk, and more.

He has been recognized by numerous awards, including four Golden Comic Awards: Best Comic for Young Adults and Comic of the Year for the Corner Store 1: Guarding the Heart-warming Place in 2017, and Comic of the Year for The Magician on the Skywalk graphic novel and Best Cross-media Application for the Corner Store 1-5 in 2020. Since 2011. He has been invited to multiple international events, including the Angoulême International Comics Festival in France and the residency of the Berlin Literary Society (Literarisches Colloquium Berlin) in Germany.

His original comics the Corner Store and Dong-Huachun Barbershop have been adapted into TV series of the same titles.

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