Yellow Book
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In this new and deeply satirical comic book, Yellow Book offers his 300,000 fans a comic and chaotic tale, featuring the typical fantasy adventure characters of heroes, monsters and villagers – but with the traditional image of the brave heroes turned upside down.


It is a world of heroes, demons, villagers and kings. Oh, and dragons and magic, of course. Kings employ warriors – the Braves – and equip them with the resources they need to fight the demons and protect the villagers. The role of the villagers is to accept that protection, and the demons are there, naturally, to be destroyed. But does the world have to be like this? Or is it just the way it happens to be?

Must the Braves defeat the Demon King? Whose version of justice are they fighting for? Is the Demon King irredeemably evil? Was he born this way, or did something happen to him? What if both the Braves and the Demon King became who they are the same we ordinary folk do – by making the choices the world presents to us and accepting the consequences.

Yellow Book takes the tropes of a fantasy adventure and reimagines them, employing a humorous approach and a unique artistic style. This satirical work turns the usual image of the hero upside down.

About the Author

Yellow Book

Originally a designer, Yellow Book used his spare time to publish short satirical comics based on the workplace and social themes on social media. His works include Sad for You 1 and 2, and the W series.
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