BathFriends (浴室好朋友)

Island Animation
Soap, body wash, and their best friends are in for a cozy and adorable bathroom adventure.


BathFriends are based on the popular characters from MusSoap and tells the heart-warming stories that happen in their daily life in the bathroom.

Bobo is a bar soap with hair on its head. Innocent and carefree, he fights to safeguard the master's health every day. Bobo's buddies include the babysitter-like shower cream \"Mimi\", the self-absorbed shampoo \"Ashi\", and many items that we see in the bathroom. What interesting stories happen to them in the bathroom?

Role profile

  • Bobo


    Bobo is innocent and lively, eager to help others, loved by everyone, but a bit clueless.

  • Mimi


    Mimi is instructed by the parents to look after Bobo. A godmother figure to Bobo and a reliable friend.

  • Ashi


    Ashi loves Bobo and believes only one product is needed for washing both the hair and the body, which means shower cream is redundant.

  • Doctor


    Doctor is a gentle cleanser who enjoys hugs but seems to have a different side that is unknown to people.

  • Duckie


    Duckie is attentive and good with hands. It likes to make things and isn't used to the newly installed legs, therefore prone to falling.

  • Brushie


    Brushie is all feet and always neat. Often bothered by hair getting stuck on it.

  • Mousse


    Mousse feels sorry for its destructive sneeze.

  • Having


    Having escaped from the kitchen to the bathroom, Mr. Tilapia now temporarily resides in the toilet tank.

  • Toilet


    Toilet fell in love with Mr. Tilapia at the first sight and is always trying to make itself clean to make Mr. Tilapia happy.

About the Author

Island Animation

Island Animation is a young team with a passion for creating. Their specialty is coming up with interesting stories and creating works that bring laughter.

Currently, the team's main IP includes Grandma and Q Mei, MusSoap, and BathFriends. Their business includes comics, animation production, and image licensing.