Legend of the Cat Demon (貓妖傳)

Possessed by a cat demon, a life of tough luck rebooted!


Che-hsin, who is always on the wrong side of luck, has lived a life of misery, and he always feels sorry as his bad luck often affects those around him.

Believing that he will have to live with bad luck for the rest of his life,Che-hsin meets a cat demon, Meow, who is on the run, in an accident at his part-time job, and is possessed by Meow. Meow discovers that it can make use of Che-hsin's body, and proposes that they work together. Che-hsin finally compromises, believing that it will help him overcome his bad luck, and agrees to help Meow deliver the ritual instrument it has taken from Nanhsing Palace to the immortal of the small shrine.

Despite Meow's often morally ambiguous actions, Che-hsing gradually learns and understands Meow's reasons.

It turns out that Meow has to bring the family heirloom kept in Nanhsing Palace to the immortal of the small shrine, so the immortal can save its seriously ill mother.

However, despite Meow obtaining the ritual instrument, Nanhsing Palace has already set up multiple barriers around the small shrine. To break the barriers, they must locate the Seven-Star Talisman and remove it. Meow alone cannot achieve this, and therefore it hopes to ally with Che-hsin.

At first, Che-hsin thinks that helping Meow will be killing two birds with one stone, but he did not expect that they will uncover the unknown history of the town through this journey, and encounter grave challenges along the way.

Role profile

  • Che-hsin


    A young man with bad luck, and feels sorry that his bad luck affects others around him. To make up for this sense of guilt, he seems to be always living for others, and always thinking for others. Kind and considerate, he will do anything but troubling others.

  • Meow


    In its previous life, Meow was a stray cat living with its mother. Meow turned into a cat demon after it died to steal the heirloom of Nanhsing Palace, hoping to save its mom's life. Clever and cunning, and believes that it is every man for himself in this world.

  • Hsiao-Wen


    The successor of Nanhsing Palace with a strong sense of responsibility. Hsiao-wen has a kind heart. She has always had reservations about the family creed of killing demons. She vows to get back the stolen heirloom.

About the Author


Has published “Youth of Moon” on Comico

I have always been aspired to create comics for boys.

Picky eater, and does not prefer spicy food. A comic who is not good at writing and often does not know what to say. Always having trouble writing an 100-word“Introduction of Author” as required. (Only 62 words including the ones in the brackets).

After all, comics are better at expressing themselves through drawings, right?