THE EYE OF SARUTAHIKO (海龍改改:消失的猿田彥之眼)

Writer/Chang Kuo-Li (張國立)  Comic/ Han Tsai-chun (韓采君), Chao Ta-Wei (趙大威)
Papa Publishing House
Animated film adaptation of the source novel currently in production
A jaded youth sent back to his hometown, a military history geek, a pretty freshman Japanese major, and a precocious teen car mechanic are about to set off on the treasure hunt of a lifetime, following clues from a 75-year-old notebook left in Taiwan by a Japanese soldier.


When he fails to get into college, 18-year-old Lin Hui-sheng returns to Laomei, the small fishing town on the north coast of Taiwan where he spent his childhood. One day while browsing a second-hand shop he inadvertently purchases an old notebook leftover from the Japanese occupation. Though he doesn't understand a word of Japanese, his curiosity is piqued by the drawings he finds inside, particularly the hand-drawn map of a seemingly familiar landscape. Believing he is on the verge of a momentous discovery, he resolves to crack the riddle of the mysterious diary!

Unable to read Japanese, Lin Hui-sheng enlists the help of his high school buddies. Starting from a map in the shape of a Tengu, a creature from Japanese mythology, the trio manage to locate an abandoned bunker. The bunker opens into an underground corridor, but all they find at the end is an empty cavern where they can hear the sounds of the wave pounding against the famous Laomei reefs. Is there really some kind of treasure to be found here? Exactly what was the purpose of the map?

The Eye of Sarutahiko is the comic book adaptation of Chang Kuo-Li's novel of the same name. While undertaking the adaptation, the team from Pig Box Studio conducted a survey of the region around Laomei in order to more accurately depict the setting of the novel, and to better introduce readers to the beauty of the northern Taiwan coast. With its distinctive characters and humorous narrative style, The Eye of Sarutahiko will be loved by readers of all ages.

Role profile

  • Lin Hui-sheng

    Lin Hui-sheng

    A spoiled brat who is not ready to grow up. He gathers the treasure-hunting team with his curiosity and passion.

  • Feng Mei-chin

    Feng Mei-chin

    Lin's best friend ever since they were little. The Japanese-major girl is the right one to solve the puzzles left by the Japanese even though she has no sense of direction.

  • Hsiao-lai


    Who loved to follow Lin when they were little and later grew to be a cool girl. She works her way through high school as a vehicle technician. Her excellent techniques assist the team to complete the “Kairyu.”

  • Hsu Chi-pin

    Hsu Chi-pin

    Wearing glasses and getting good grades, Hsu is the typical military fan. He could be a showboat sometimes but also the genius brain of the team.

About the Author

Writer/Chang Kuo-Li (張國立)  Comic/ Han Tsai-chun (韓采君), Chao Ta-Wei (趙大威)

Chang Kuo-Li
Chang Kuo-Li, one time editor-in-chief of China Times Weekly, has won numerous awards for his writing. A linguist, historian, army expert, sports fan, food critic, as well as poet, playwright and novelist, he is truly a Renaissance man. He has published a dozen books over his career, including Italy in One Bite, Birdwatchers, The Jobless Detective, and The Sniper. His work The Sniper has been translated into Dutch, German, French, English, Russian, and Turkish.

Han Tsai-Chun
Art director and illustrator Han Tsai-Chun has more than ten years of experience in comic books and related industries. Known for her exquisite sense of color and her ability to capture powerful visual effects in a freehand style, Han Tsai-Chun is currently art director of Pig Box Studio.

Chao Ta-Wei
Director, animator, and illustrator Chao Ta-Wei has dedicated himself to creating original animations and teaching his craft to others. His work has garnered major domestic and international awards and is characterized by images infused with the details of everyday life.

《海龍改改:消失的猿田彥之眼》© 張國立、趙大威、韓采君/巴巴文化