Walk Together (一起走)

Adoor Yeh
Slowork Publishing 慢工文化
In an indigenous community, a designer, members of a foundation, local elders, and young people who have returned home from cities all come together to contribute to a better future for the community.


Members of the Ai-Hsin Organic Agricultural Foundation run a revitalization program in a Bunun community. They help preserve a variety of crops in the Species Conservation Fields and build traditional houses to bring back old Bunun culture. They have also invited a designer to develop a brand identity, an ecologist to document and analyze local ecosystems, a young cook to create creative indigenous dishes, and a comic artist to guide local elders to draw memories of their past.

This team of enthusiasts from Taipei hope they won't make the same mistakes as most regional revitalization teams do — leaving no legacy behind after the program ends and bringing no benefit to the community despite selling their products.

Drawing from her personal experiences, Adoor Yeh's vivid portrayal of the difficulty of regional revitalization work is straightforward but not overly critical. Through her illustration of the mundane matters of everyday life, shows that small efforts can accumulate to a large impact.

Role profile

  • Adoor


    The ditzy main characterbrought to the indigenous community in Hualien by fate. She is very interested in the local culture.

  • Lo


    The director at the Ai-Hsin Organic Agricultural Foundation. He has spent a long time in the community and is as passionate as he is idealistic.

  • Yiyuan


    A brand designer who understands theconsumers market. She is pragmatic and competent. Her true self comes out when she's drunk.

  • Professor Zhong

    Professor Zhong

    A respected knowledgeable scholar and a note-taking enthusiast that comes and goes in a flash.

  • Ol' Prawn

    Ol' Prawn

    A business-minded adventurer, who dived into organic agriculture after returning home from the city.

  • Chief, Adal

    Chief, Adal

    And Madam: three elders with distinct personalities. They are proud of the productsof their gardens and are very much involved in the development of every sector in the community.

About the Author

Adoor Yeh

Adoor Yeh was born in Taiwan in 1989. She began creating her own comics after encountering European graphic novels with strong auteurist narratives, forms and styles during her stay in the UK in 2013. She likes to incorporate fantastical or fictional elements to the depiction of her feelings and daily life.

She has independently published many unconventional printed works and integrated comics with installation art in an attempt to create a new form of comic experience.

《一起走 taskun mudaan》© Adoor Yeh/慢工文化