Drawn To Life (漫漫畫人間)

Locus Publishing Company
2003 Golden Tripod Award
2004 Government Information Office Graphic Comic Award
2005 First Prize at the National Institute for Compilation and Translation Excellent Comic Award (Serial Pictures)
Published French edition Le fils by French publisher Casterman
Retro of Classic Work by Legendary Artist – A Sharp Analysis of Human Nature


This book is a compilation of Ren Zheng-hua's award-winning works in later periods. Eight works of varied lengths and themes, depicting the cold human nature in real world, including serious themes like long-term care, domestic violence, office rumors that kill and bullying, as well as foreign domestic helpers; Ren portrays the issues of love, marriage, and offspring in the Chinese society through literary means, as well as dark humor and surrealist fantasies that take place in ancient times. These are all important works in the history of Taiwanese comics, but have long been out of print. This time, the original drawings have been reedited for the publication, allowing Ren's exciting works to reappear in front of readers.

“Seven Free Men in Bamboo Forest” was one of Ren's most representative works before his departure from the comic industry. Fully relaxed and free brushstrokes are tender and abstract, while the comic itself is highly satirical and humorous, as Ren elevated his work to another level, impressing readers with his talent! This work was published in small quantity in form of doujinshi (self-published), making it a very rare and precious work.

“Happy Family” explores what is a normal “happy” family against a backdrop of long-term medical care, and probes directly into the harsh truth of domestic violence.

“No Means No” continues to take the approach from the previous work, where “truth is not what is seen on surface,” presenting how “rumors can kill” as well as the bullying, misunderstanding, and family pressure suffered by women in a misogynic environment.

“Anna's Children” delicately depicts the reality of raising kids of foreign domestic helper comes into the family.

“Temptation” is a dark comedy set in ancient times, like the film, “A Chinese Ghost Story,” poking fun at misogyny.

“The Visitor” presents a surrealist fantasy, like a pursuit of self, or questioning of life beliefs.

“Children” was published in independent volumes, presenting a longer story on the Chinese people's obsession with offspring. This comic was published in French, Le fils, by publisher Carsterman.

“Fighting Fish” as the epilogue is the only non-fiction in this book, offering a peek into the author's thoughts on life.

Role profile

  • Chen Yu-Fen

    Chen Yu-Fen

    She killed her boyfriend in a public place in front of many witnesses, and has been sentenced to life in prison and be treated for mental illness. Originally a new recruit at a top company. She is pretty and quiet.

  • Hsiao Ming-Hsiang

    Hsiao Ming-Hsiang

    A coworker of Chen. Good looking womanizer who approached Chen several times.

  • Dr. Chiu

    Dr. Chiu

    Court-appointed psychiatrist responsible for Chen's case. Gradually discovers her motive.

About the Author


Born in Taipei in 1963. Participated in the First “Hsiaomi Comics Weekly” New Artist Award and won first prize in high school. After graduation, Ren worked at Hong Guang Animation, and began publishing “Asura Sea” on “Sunday Comics” (published by China Times) in 1989; the comic was eventually compiled into three volumes, becoming her most popular work.

Through her sharp observation, she often depicts the inner conflicts of good and evil. She can tell stories of fantasies in both ancient and modern settings, and has also tried American action comics. She specializes in depicting the dark side of humanity, and is probably the top Taiwanese comic artist in this area. She is also known for her humor and satire. Ren has founded Bo-Hai Culture Publishing and “Lotto” Comic Magazine, while also creating and selling doujinshi. Her style can be realistic, comedic, showing great creative flexibility and freedom.

Winner of Special Contribution Award, Golden Comic Awards, 2021

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