Iron Boy: Pirate Town 2 (鐵男孩:山寨之城2)

Richard Metson
Dala Publishing Company
In a not-so-distant future, mankind has been replaced by robots and can only gather at Pirate Town, a place filled with unwanted containers and pirated goods. Hsiao Hai is a 13-year-old mechanical genius. He lives with his grandfather, who forbids him to participate in the Robot Fighting Ring Competition. However, when Grandpa gets ill and needs money to pay for medical care, Hsiao Hai finally steps onto his dream stage with the help of his friends…


The story takes place in a not-so-distant future, the robotics industry is thriving.

Men have been replaced by robots and become unemployed. These people have no way out and nowhere to go, and they can only end up there…

That is a city with no authentic goods…

Filled with abandoned men and robots…

Hsiao Hai, a 13-year-old mechanical genius, lives with his grandfather in Pirate Town. His dream is to participate in the Robot Fighting Ring Competition, but he can only be a spectator because Grandpa does not allow him to go; unemployed, Max and his robot, Shitbox, come back to this place they did not want to return to; believing that they can defeat robots, Sifu All and his disciple Sam train tireless day after day. There are new stories in all corners of the town…

In front of the Wanmiao Mountain in Pirate Town, Hsiao Hai receives news of his grandfather's illness when he is fixing robots….

Carrying with them a damaged heavy-armored “Slaughterer,” the helpless K.I.N.G. Gang see the online advertisement of “The Hands of God”…

Automated PussyCat Dance Troupe's leader, Ghost Mamma, asks unemployed Max to help fix her robots….

When they meet, they all return to the underground Robot Fighting Ring Competition due for different reasons. At the same time, a clip goes viral online: The heavy-armored “Slaughterer” of the King's Group has been beaten by Sifu All just one punch. The King's Group sends out a group of men, who deal with troubles, to Pirate Town…

After Hsiao Hai displays his talent, what kind of troubles will he get into? How are they going to face the soon arriving men of the King's Group? Can they unveil the secrets to Hsiao Hai's birth?

Role profile

  • Hsiao Hai

    Hsiao Hai

    grew up in Pirate Town, honed his survival skills in the streets. Despite the harsh environment, he remains on the right track in life, and has a strong sense of justice, never shy to lend others a helping hand. He is especially gifted when it comes to machines, and hopes to participate in the Robot Fighting Ring

    Competition one day to prove what he is capable of. However, his grandfather, with whom he lives, does not allow him to go.

  • Grandpa


    People call him Master Eight. He raised Hsiao Hai alone, and is the only person Hsiao Hailistens to. He is blind, but always wears glasses. Rumor has it that he is a very good robot fighter, but dislikes robots and forbids Hsiao Haito participate in any robot fight.

  • Max


    Robot designer, who is born rebellious and cynical. A hot head who even argues with robots. He constantly loses his job because he does not want to follow the conventions, and can only bring with him a robot and wander around places, making a living by assembling and fixing robots. Usually a mean person, he thinks everyone is stupid. Seems familiar with Pirate Town.

  • Capone


    President of the King's Group, the largest robot manufacturer. As his name suggests, he is ruthless and domineering, and pursues only profits through any means possible! Takes over small companies and eliminates all competitions cold-bloodedly, not even his family or friends. Therefore, this is an unwritten rule in Pirate Town: “Don't mess with the King's Group.” Despite his enormous wealth, Capone's ambition doesn't stop there; he wants to become stronger, bigger, and wealthier…

About the Author

Richard Metson

Creative endeavors span across comics, animation, video games, and fashion.

After winning the First Prize at the National Comics Competition held by China Times in 1984 with “Heaven,” Mai began to display his abundant creativity, publishing serialized comics on “Joy Comics Semi-Monthly,” “Sunday Comics,” and “Playboy;” short comics “Theater” and “Chihuahua;” sci-fi comics “Bird-Man” and “Zero Generation Legend;” young boy comics “Wizard and Brat,” “Mulan,” “Conquest of the World,” “Dumb Man and Princess,” “Cool Dinosaur,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Mickey Horror Show;” comedy comics such as “Brain Twist” and “Bulleting Board;” dark horror comics like “The Black Book;” single-frame comic “My Troubles” and “Deadline;” as well as Taiwan's first pornographic comic series, “Sex-files of Chinese Swordsmen.” He participated in the BD Louvre project and published “Seven Dreams of the Louvre – Comics about the Louvre by Taiwanese Artists.”

Also, Richard Mai is one of a few artists who also produced animations. He has rich experience creating animations and producing TV shows in the US, Japan, Germany, France, and Spain. In 1991, he began working on creative short animations, and participated in the production of Taiwanese animated feature film “Grandma and Her Ghosts” in 1998, serving as the director. This film garnered praise at international festivals in Vancouver, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and Philadelphia, ushering Taiwan's local animation into a new era. In 2005, he began to produce a 3D TV animated series, “Happy Star Cat,” which consists of 104 22-minute episodes. In 2014, he began to create the animated feature film “Iron Boy.”

Currently, he is working on the comic of “Iron Boy: Pirate Town” and planning the animated series.