YAN (Vol.1) (閻鐵花)

Dala Publishing Company
Live-action adaptation announced!
Thirty years ago, the young Peiking Opera performer Yen Tieh-hua was wrongly convicted of the murder of her own family and sent to prison. Twenty years later she died while still incarcerated. Yet, today, this same woman has mysteriously returned as a superpowered teen in Peiking Opera costume, determined to avenge the massacre of her family.


When not training in the Yan family tradition of Peiking Opera performance, Yen Tieh-hua leads the life of an ordinary 15 year old girl. Then one day she returns home to find her entire family murdered. Yen Tieh-hua becomes the primary suspect in the case, and is quickly tried and sent to prison.

Thirty years later Yen Tieh-hua returns, though prison records show she's been dead for a decade. Even more astonishing, she appears to be no older than the day she began her sentence. Her objective: to avenge the massacre of her family starting with a live-streamed killing.

The officer who originally handled Yen Tieh-hua's case is called back to active duty to deal with her reappearance, but the deeper he digs, the more he finds that nothing is as it seems. Complicating matters is a teenage chess prodigy with the ability to see five minutes into the future who joins Yen Tieh-hua's crusade. What is the truth at the heart of the Yan family massacre? And what is the mysterious power that enabled Yen Tieh-hua's return from the dead?

Yan, the latest work from sci-fi comic book artist Chang Sheng, blends sci-fi concepts and traditional opera to create a uniquely Taiwanese superhero story. Its gripping can't-put-it-down plotline and refined graphic style will be savored in repeated readings by fans of sci-fi, mystery, and action comics.

Role profile

  • Yen Tieh-hua

    Yen Tieh-hua

    A fifteen-years-old high school girl, who was born in a family that has a long tradition of performing Peking Opera. She was the sole survivor of the Yen family murders and has been arrested and sentenced to prison as the murderer. Thirty years later, Yen returns as the avenger.

  • Higa Mirai

    Higa Mirai

    A gifted Go girl player who sees 5 minutes in the future after brain surgery.

  • Lei Ming-chih

    Lei Ming-chih

    The police officer who was in charge of the Yen family murders and believed that Yen Tieh-hua was innocent. After the live-streamed murder, Lei started to investigate for the truth thirty years ago and Yen Tieh-hua.

About the Author


Chang Sheng worked in advertising for 15 years. He started his own studio when he was in his thirties and since 2004 he has released work on a regular basis. Having read comics from a young age, Chang Sheng has always preferred science fiction stories best. He admits to having been deeply influenced by the work of Yukinobu Hoshino, and his training in drawing and oil painting while studying at the Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School are likewise reflected in his exquisitely detailed and extremely realistic video game-like style. Chang Sheng has won several prizes overseas. Oldman was a finalist in the 2013 International Manga Award in Japan, and The Hidden Level won the Grand Prize of 2017 Kyoto International Manga Awards (Taiwan Section). His works have been published in various languages, including English, French, Japanese, and Korean.