Morning Light Falling Softly (輕輕灑落的晨曦)

Hope will eventually blossom from despair after all the tortures and sufferings

Despite having had the idea of “not being born,” he continues to fight with everything he has…


“Do you want to survive with me?”

Art teacher Hsiao I-ping is an outstanding teacher everyone praises. He seems to be blending in with others and the society “normally,” but he always wears long sleeves to conceal the scars on his wrists…

One day, art club student Chang Chen-ni accidentally discovers his scars. What will Yi-ping do as he falls into despair when the “normal” appearance he has worked so hard to keep is falling apart...?

Role profile

  • Hsiao Yi-Ping

    Hsiao Yi-Ping

    A depressed senior high school art teacher. He has an ex-boyfriend that he has broken up with due to domestic violence. His father was also abusive and divorced his mother. His mother seems to be living with a boy toy at the moment. Yi-ping lives alone, but is constantly harassed by his ex and mother. He has always loved art and strives to live a life different than his mother's.

  • Chang Chen-Ni

    Chang Chen-Ni

    An honest and quiet high school senior. A very gifted art student. His father works elsewhere to make a living, and his mother suffered from depression and committed suicide when he was young. He now lives with his grandfather. He has a part-time job, but does not let his grandfather know. He wants to quickly grow up and make money to support his family, and is wasting his artistic talent.

About the Author


The first work in the sorrow series by popular artist Zye. The story deals with issues of depressed patients and those around, as well as emotions, as they slowly heal the pain through care and mutual support and companionship. The story offers readers diverse perspectives on depression, making it a much-talked-about work worth our repeated savoring.